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Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm starting P90X from today and I wanted to stay accountable so that I don't skip any workouts. Here is my workout plan for the next month:

I'll keep on editing this blog daily to let everyone know that I'm sticking to my workout schedule.

20 & 21- Done with both TNT and Jump Rope!! :)

22- Done with Chest and Back! :)

23- Didn't go for the run. I slept at 2:30 am yesterday and I was dead tired. Plyo X was brutal though! 60 minutes of pure, unadulterated cardio. I was about to faint after 30 minutes or so. :P
But it's definitely do-able. I'm pretty out of shape right now and if I can do it, so can anyone else who wants to give P90X a try. One can always modify the moves, go at their own pace and take longer breaks.

24- Shoulders & Arms was easy! And time just flew by. I definitely need heavier weights to make this workout more challenging.

25- Done! LCW= Jump Rope (1500)

26- Done with Kenpo X. I could only do half the workout because I was running out of time.

27- Done! :) TNT+ Kenpo X. I don't like to leave my workouts unfinished, so I did it all over again. Loved Kenpo!

28- Legs & Back- Done! It was a tough workout but I liked the variety!

29- Chest & Back- Done! My form was better and my arms felt stronger. It is, however, that time of the month and I have severe stomach cramps. I had popped in a pain killer but it didn't seem to help much.
With that said, I'll be doing push ups like a pro next week! emoticon

30- Plyo X. I think I performed better but it was still a tough workout. In all fairness, if you look at each move individually, it's fairly simple and not very high impact. But with the workout going on for 60 minutes and a handful of measly 30 second breaks thrown in between consecutive circuits- it can be hell-ish. Luckily, I enjoy hell-ish workouts. ;) Once you've done a program like P90X or Insanity, everything else pales in comparison and seems monotonous.

1/10/2012- Shoulders & Arms. Need new weights. The workout was still a killer though.

2- Kenpo X

3- Pure Cardio. It was my day off but I couldn't resist working out. To be really frank, it was pure hell! P90X is a lot easier than Insanity and I'm not used to such intense workouts anymore. Even so, I'd love to incorporate these workouts on my LCW days and do a round of Insanity once I'm done with P90X. I know that it'll do wonders for my cardiovascular health.

4- Kenpo X. I LOVE this workout. It's like taking a fun self defence class. :P +TNT

5- Walk (4 KM) + Chest & Back.

6- Plyo X. It isn't getting any easier but I'm getting stronger.

7- Rest Day. I know the weekend challenge is going on but my body is dead tired. I'll make up for it tomorrow.

8- Seriously didn't want to workout. But I did it. And loved it. :)
Shoulders & Arms. emoticon

9- Legs & Back- Aarrgghhhh!! It wasn't this tough the last time. I was out of breath the whole time!
I'm probably dehydrated (need to keep an eye on my water intake) Still, I showed up and pushed through. emoticon

10- Walk (3.5 KM) + Kenpo X

P.S. I'm not going for the runs right now. Will update as soon as I can start my morning workouts.

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