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What a fantastic week

Friday, September 21, 2012

I think this has been my best week so far since January. Honestly, I've never done so well in one week.

I went to the gym three days in a row!!! To make up for not going Sunday. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? It's seriously what I'm the most proud of. I went Tuesday for my appointment with my coach - and gosh did I work - and the next two days, at 6 AM. Even better: I did THE WHOLE WORKOUT both times! I was tempted to give up, to cut it and remove one rep or one set... WELL NOPE! I did it all! Even the cardio! I had trouble with the treadmill cardio - I'm doing this: 5 minutes at 5 mph at the beginning, then 3 times this: 1 minute 7 mph, 1 minute 9 mph, 1 minute 5 mph, 1 minute 7 mph, 1 minute 9 mph and 1 minute of break. I lowered the speed to 6 and 7 mph instead of 7 and 9 (I'm barely able to run at 9 so imagine 6 minutes...) and I DID IT ALL! So I'll just slowly increase the speed :)
I swam 30 minutes Tuesday night, went to zumba Wednesday night - and really, really moved. I never got this sweaty at zumba! I walked 15 minutes EVERY DAY after lunch. Tonight I'm going for a walk and I may also add a jog to that, hahaha! And I still have tomorrow to finish the week with a gym and more walking.

Food-wise, I barely ate any dessert. I had a few pieces of chocolate here and then and that's it. Today at work the Costco girls were there and they always bring desserts with them, well I didn't get any (there were cookies and baklavas). I ate good meals and I don't think I ever snacked after supper, except yesterday. And my snacks are healthier - I had a banana.

I'm so proud of myself, and feeling so happy. I KNOW I can do this. I didn't feel like going for a jog tonight. Well WHATEVER, I'm going ANYWAY. And I'll WALK BEFORE. Because I CAN DO THIS.

My sister told me today that she wanted to start eating better, cut the desserts a little and go back to exercising. She's never liked it - just like me before - but is ready to try new things. She asked me if I'd like to play badminton with her sometimes. SURE DO!!! I gave her many suggestions and tips for food because she seemed to accept them (she never did before), like having smaller portions for dessert. I suggested she starts walking first (because right now she really does nothing fitness-wise) and then maybe start jogging. I suggested swimming, rollerblade, gym... there's so many possibilities! I hope that this time it's the right time for her and that she'll stick to good habits!!!
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