Friday, September 21, 2012

Something kind of crazy happened to me yesterday. We're talking crazy in a butterfly, smiling like a fool, nothing's gonna slow me down way.

Before I break your suspense and tell you what it is, let me give you some back story.

Part of the reason why I'm doing SP, why I'm trying to lose the weight is because I'm not happy with me. I feel like I'm this really amazing person that is trapped in a body that's not ME. Every once and while I peek out, but I am not really this person stuck in this 229lb body. I'm not.

I'm REALLY supposed to be the person in a 140lb body who is not the thinnest, but is active, athletic and confident. And awesome, but that goes without saying. My point is, I didn't just start SP to wear a smaller pant size. I did it to love myself more.

Anyway. About yesterday. So I'm single. And that's okay. I'm okay with that--it's allowed me to work on myself, and I know that if I was not single, it's very possible that losing weight and keeping myself on track could be much more difficult. But the thing is, in this body, I also do NOT feel attractive at all to the opposite sex. Which is a shame. Because I am (say it with me) AWESOME.

I've done online dating--and that was awful. I would hit it off with guys and then they would meet me and it was like you could FEEL their disappointment coming off of didn't you see the pictures, dude? Once that started to make me feel bad about myself I stopped. And I decided to give it to God. I mean, 100% give it to God. Not me saying I am, and then finagling behind the scenes to get a date. Nope. God's my matchmaker.

So yesterday, I'm getting all--sappy. Fall is my favorite time of the year, and every time that I spend it single, it's a bit saddening. So, I prayed a bit. I said, "God, can you please, please, just send me him? I'm feeling kind of lonely, and this is my favorite time of year."

I left work and took my car in for an oil change. Let me say that every once and a while you get blessed enough to have a very attractive man work on your car--and that's wonderful. Me, I got a Greek God working on my car. We're talking brown eyes the color of gold and just enough bad boy to make you feel a little bit rebellious, but you know he's really a teddy bear.

So you know, I'm hyperventilating while he's working on my car, and he comes in, tell me what's wrong with it (so, so, soooo many things) and there was something with the transmission (this is why I totally work on cars, can you tell?) and I laughed. And he said, "Well, you know, your husband or boyfriend or whatever could just...blah blah blah..." And I said, "Nah, I'd have to ask my dad. I'm not married or whatever." And on the conversation goes about my crap-tastic car.

Then he says, "You know, I could fix that problem for you. I have all the stuff and it would be no problem. I can give you MY CELL NUMBER and you can call me and we can just set something up." I was like oh hell yes, please do that for me, I'd love that....

You get the idea. Anyway, I left feeling like the sexiest, most awesome girl ever. And even if dude wasn't flirting or showing interest and was really JUST trying to do me a solid, God was hooking a sister up by making me feel amazing.

So I'm going to call him.

And be thankful that God did me a solid yesterday--because I don't believe in coincidences.

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    Isn't that the best? Once I had a guy in a drive through tell me "he hoped I had someone at home that appreciated me". My confidence was sky-high the rest of the day!
    2369 days ago
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