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Not doing well at all! =(

Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's kind of sad. I look at my last blog which was over a month ago and I am no where near that motivated anymore. I haven't worked out in the past week. I stopped doing the last chance workout about 2 weeks ago. I tried to keep up the exercise though by just going walking. Slowly but surely I'm falling right back into the old habits and I'm stuck at 199/200 range. Why does it seem so easy for others to lose the weight? Why can't it be that easy for me? I'm just really upset and disgusted with myself. I feel like a quiter and a loser for not being able to meet the littlest of goals. I don't even drink 8 cups of water a day anymore. It's like my body or mind got tired of doing all the healthy stuff. I hate myself for not being able to stick with it. I know, I know! Just pick yourself back up! And I'm trying. It's just so hard to stay motivated when I don't really see any results. I try to eat less, I try to drink water, and I try to exercise. Don't know what it is about myself that I just keep holding myself back. I see all these pictures of this skinny girls and it depresses the crap out of me because I know that I will never look like them and I want to feel pretty. Anyway! Guess I'll just pick myself back up and start over tomorrow! What else can I do right?
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    It really is 99 percent a MENTAL game. We KNOW what has do be done, it's just a matter of doing it.

    When I get to the disgusted, throw in the towel mindset (which has happened MANY a time), I look at it as I have two options.
    1. Give up and stay fat.
    2. Keep trying, even though it s*cks and know that SOMEDAY I'll see some results.

    I chose option two consistently (even with weeks of gain on the scale, times I'd want to quit - hit quite a plateau this summer) and finally, months later, results are coming.

    It really is a battle of wills.

    If you're up for something new, that's really not too difficult, check out my blogs on the 8 min in the morning program. I HATE the concept of weight training, but realized that was something that was missing. I don't follow the food part of the program, only the daily exercises, and I like the positive messages in the book. Just a's an easy, positive read!

    Hang in there!
    2060 days ago
    I don't think it's really very easy for most people to lose weight. They're the ones who are visible, but honestly, most of them who lose easily and fast gain it back. I've been on this weight loss journey for almost three years now and I still probably have at least another year to 18 months to go. Motivation, unfortunately, never lasts more than a few weeks. What you need is determination - keep going even when you're not motivated. That's the only way to lose permanently.
    2067 days ago
  • SHEL_V2

    Pick something that you decide is so basic, that you can and will do it. I slowly got myself doing enough stuff that it all clicked. I needed new meals and snacks that fit with my goals, I needed to be able to get 45 minutes of vigorous cardio, and once I was doing that, I wanted to make sure I was getting some payoff out of it. 5 months on, I'm closing in on 30 lbs, with the intent of losing about 50.

    I totally recommend the simple plan to work 6 - 11 fruits and veggies into my day. It shoves out lots of crap and I get plenty of flavor, crunch and fiber. No messing around with juice, almost all fresh.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2068 days ago
    I've lost most of my weight pretty quickly, my job keeps me on my feet all day and I'm literally running around all day, lifting heavy stuff, etc. A few co-workers have commented on how "easy" it has been for me to lose weight. I'm sorry, but it's not been easy! It's hard to say no to the cookies and pizza that my bosses offer us for lunch. It's hard to walk into the grocery stores and pass the chips. It's hard trying to find healthier alternatives for the foods I was eating before. It's hard getting the energy to take my dogs for a walk after a 12 hour day of running around at work!
    I think it's difficult for everyone to make the changes they need to reach their goals, but it does get easier. It's a habit now to head straight for the fresh fruit and vegetables at the grocery store rather than the chips and candy aisles (which usually was my first stop because I figured since it was dry goods it would be more sensible to get my perishables last but then I somehow usually forgot to get the perishables).

    Anyway, my point is that yes it's hard and yes it takes time BUT it is worth the work and time and a few sacrifices in foods... but my thing that I did which helped out most was portion control. I still eat chocolate and cookies just not a whole box of them.

    Good luck!
    2068 days ago
    I agree picking yourself up tomorrow and starting again is the right thing!! You can do this!! I have had to start over several times. I would be happy to help keep you motivated if you want to add me as a buddy. I can do all I can to push you along your journey!
    2068 days ago
    Picking yourself up and starting over tomorrow is what you can do right!
    You are worth the effort this takes!

    2068 days ago
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