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20 mile run today followed by .6 mile walk!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Couldn't sleep last night and ended up with less than 4 hours of sleep. We're leaving tomorrow for vacation (9 nights) Our first "real" family vacation - farthest we've ever gone before was twice and only 3 hours away and both times only 1-2 nights. This time 9 nights and 13 hours away.

Got up, had some breakfast, ran my 20 mile run and walked .6 mile for cooldown. Then after my shower, took a 20 minute ice bath, then to the chiropractor, then petsmart for kitten food, then home - did 3 loads of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, made dinner. Got some packing done, but couldn't finish, as I HAD to sit down and rest (thats what I'm doing now) I'm so exhausted. Tomorrow getting up early and taking the dog to the vet to be boarded (30 minutes away each way) then home to take a nap, as "I" will be doing most the driving. We're driving all night, as we think it will be best since we have 4 children (the 7 yr old gets bad car sickness and dremamine knocks her out - don't want her to sleep all night, then drive all day and have her sleep all day, only to get to the hotel and have to say "bedtime" LOL) This way we hope that the little ones (and teens) can get some rest while I do most the driving. Hoping that while I'm napping, DH will be able to find some time to load the van (he works from home). Then when he gets off at 4, we'll eat dinner and hope to be on the road by 5pm.

Here's the stats for todays SLD (Slow Long Distance run)
First 10 miles at 11:00 pace, next 10 miles at 9:54 pace. Overall pace averaged 10:24. Then I walked .6 miles at 15:00 pace for my cooldown. Now to start the taper for the marathon. Next weeks run is 13 miles, the week after is 10, then 6, then race week!! I'm READY!!

Even though we'll be on vacation, I will still do my scheduled runs. Thankfully since I'll be at the beginning of my taper, the runs will be slightly lower than before (and the long run will be 7 miles less than today) Was hoping to do our vacation a week later, and then the runs would even be less on vacation, but it didn't work for our schedule and the teens work schedule.
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