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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I like being on SP so much that sometimes I sort of lose the plot a bit. The plot is not:

- make loads of lovely SparkFriends
- get enough SparkPoints to get to the next level
- write witty or interesting blogs and decorate with photos in the hope of winning a popular blog post

No indeed. The above are all delightful by-products, especially the first. They are the nice things that happen on the way, a bit like going on holiday somewhere warm and sunny and coming home with a tan and three bottles of sangria. The point of the holiday is to relax. If you get a tan and some booze at the same time, that's great, but getting the tan and the booze aren't any good if you spend your holiday being stressed out and having rows with your OH.

Similar with SparkPeople. I need to refocus myself a bit. Today I'm not tracking nutrition or exercise because there isn't a 'Don't ask' button on either tracker and trust me, I don't want anyone asking.

However here I am, hanging out on the SparkCorner with the guys and gals, and writing a blog. What I should be doing is getting down the gym. But I've had one of THOSE weeks and I really don't feel like it.

Tomorrow is another SparkDay. I'll be looking for a new leaf to turn over.

Please form an orderly queue to kick my butt. It needs it. emoticon
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    LOL I totally get obsessed with earning spark points! Sorry you've had a rough week though, but I'm telling you, I always look forward to your blogs. :) However you've fallen off, I know you can get yourself back on track!

    2071 days ago
    I think the community aspect of Spark is helpful - sometimes I read others posts and blogs, and their good attitude is contagious or they have a way of looking at things that I had not thought of before. I think it helps me focus a little to use the resources here.
    2072 days ago
    emoticon Here is the kick in the pants that you requested. emoticon It was an off week for me too, but I pushed myself to hit the trail (even though I really wanted to curl up with a book) and an amazing thing happened...The hike was BEAUTIFUL and turned my whole outlook around! I'm not sure where you live, but if you can get a walk in outside it may help your gym workout blues! emoticon
    2072 days ago
    I'll kick your butt if you'll kick mine. I am so burnt out. I have diligently been doing Weight Watchers since April (for about the hundredth time) and coming here for the support and positive energy. But I can't count another single point. I thought I'd switch over to the Nutrition Tracker here, but my use of it has been sporadic at best. Ditto the Fitness Tracker. In the meantime, I'm having diet rebound and my eating is off the rails. I know I need to turn things around FAST! None of which helps you, I know, unless you are of the misery loves company mindset, and I'm not sure you are! Just know that you're not alone. Some times just suck (how's that for eloquence?), but nothing is permanent, not even what we're going through now. It's leaves are all over the place! Let's turn some over!
    2072 days ago
    Well ~ I see this a little differently ~ I think sometimes we need the community aspect more than the exercise. Being with your friends and community, as I see it, is a really, really, really important part of taking care of yourself ~ it lifts you up ~ it encourages your heart and helps you keep your mind bathed in healthy and positive input.

    The value of that cannot be overestimated in the journey. I've found myself a little absorbed sometimes too with points ~ but on THIS site, I've discovered, much to my delight, that in the process of getting those points, I am also LEARNING, and GROWING, and my heart is being incredibly impacted by touching lives and hearts with all of you.

    So...definitely get to the gym! But don't sell short your time lingering with us online...[Sometimes its a little laziness, maybe a little avoidance of some discipline, sure...] But I have found that very often, when I am inclined to linger here ~ there is something MUCH more important going on...There is no selling short the amount of courage, hope, encouragement, and support this journey takes ~ day after day after day ~ and THOSE things we absorb by osmosis via the online part of our interaction.

    Be a little gentle with you. I'm for a hug!! ~ [not a swift kick]

    You are a daily refreshing to my heart, laughter in my days, and inspiration, too. I THANK YOU!!!!!!! for the time you spend with us, and the level of 'presence' you share ~ that takes time ~ THANK YOU!! It MATTERS to me!!
    2072 days ago
    It is true, time to time I forget why I really joined SP. But I will never regret the wonderful friends I have made here on SP
    2072 days ago

    If you need to take a break, do it, but don't quit. Just start from where you are and keep moving forward.

    You certainly have a way with words "hanging out on the SparkCorner with the guys and gals" Love that!

    You can do it and all of us guys and gals on the SparkCorner will be cheering you on!

    2072 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Well, I took a rest day today. Not what I had planned, but there it was. Some days are just like that. It's done and over, forget about it. (I can say that, I'm from northern New Jersey.) Living a healthy lifestyle means doing things in moderation. So you had a day. Good for you. Did you drink your water, at least? (Sorry, but you did ask us to bug you about it.)

    Don't torture yourself and go crazy. Just move forward doing the same things you were doing, okay? Promise?
    2072 days ago
  • L1ZB3TH354
    I won't kick your butt! I totally relate to your bad week. When I don't feel like it. I don't! Don't be so hard on yourself. It causes burn out. Take a week off, and next week start over again. Take life and weight loss one day at a time. You will most likely get the bad out of your system and want to start being "good" again. Cut your self some slack. But keep walking and blogging! emoticon
    2072 days ago
  • STHAX10
    2072 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2072 days ago
    This time of year is hard for me...I love the kind of food that is out in the grocery store. I think it is the change of seasons! I want to eat more and be more lazy. Really have to fight it!
    And emoticon it into gear! Mind over matter! emoticon
    2072 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    I can relate. Feeling less and less like working out and more and more like baking and eating!! emoticon I need a spark kick too.
    2072 days ago
  • DJSHIP46
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2072 days ago
    Is it a full moon? I had a hellish day yesterday. I can comiserate.
    emoticon I did go to the gym, and surprise! I feel much better!
    You'll bounce back!!
    2072 days ago
    You are a HOOT--I love reading your blogs. Remember, will power isn't an infinite resource--it ebbs and flows. Just stick in with us through your downs and UPS. You're still here, so you're still Sparking.
    2072 days ago
  • DNRAE1
    emoticon emoticon You made me laugh out loud! Yes, we do have rotten weeks and bad days, but here are a couple of kicks coming your way! emoticon
    2072 days ago
    emoticon Tomorrow is a new day!! emoticon
    2072 days ago
    Aw, I'm sorry it's been a rough day/week for you!! Spend time with your kitties; read a book (if you like that sort of thing), relax a bit. At least you are doing some of that here. Yes, it's nice to accomplish things and keep on track, but you need time for yourself too. My advice is to get one significant thing done each day that you can go to bed proud of, and then start over fresh the next day and see if you can do even better. :) And get a good night's rest too! That will help put things in perspective!!
    2072 days ago
    You'll be okay tomorrow. You know what you want and I'm sure you won't stop until you get it. You will be so proud of yourself for getting to your goal and wow won't you look super. emoticon
    2072 days ago
    Your SparkFriends are here to kick your butt. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2072 days ago
  • COUPONS0216
    I am having a couple of weeks, I think similar to yours, but I have been hiding out instead of talking to my friends here.

    Enjoy your day and then you will get back to doing what you know needs to be done.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2072 days ago
    Enjoy your rest day and come back tomorrow doubly strong. That is my plan!
    2072 days ago
    (that's me, kicking your butt!)
    2072 days ago
    Brighten up. You've thought about it too long. It's time to go bury your head in something and just ignore life. NOT! We won't let that happen. emoticon
    2072 days ago
  • FALLON841
    We all have those days and weeks. Once, I was at work, and a colleague asked, "How's it going?" to which I replied, "I've had better days."

    Do you know what he told me?

    "And you WILL have better days again!" Don't give up hope! Just keep going! YOU CAN DO IT! LOOK HOW FAR YOU'VE ALREADY COME!!!!!

    2072 days ago
    You made me laugh. Good job. :)
    Fresh start coming up!
    2072 days ago
  • EABL81
    Okay, you asked for it - KICK!!! Ouch, oh, my toe, my toe!


    Feel better now? emoticon
    2072 days ago
  • POPSY190
    Get a move on!
    Look sharp!
    Get off the slippery slope!
    Jump to it!
    Had awa'!
    Rattle your dags!
    Shift yer shimmy!

    Enough verbal kicking?
    2072 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Everyone has those kind of days. Let it go and make better choices at the next moment.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2073 days ago
    from "Best of SparkPeople" dated September 17, 2012

    "Tomorrow" starts today!

    2073 days ago
    emoticon consider your butt kicked emoticon
    2073 days ago
    consider it your "rest day" and we'll say no more about it!
    2073 days ago
    Being an extreme introvert, having Spark Friends is not a high priority. I'm finding I enjoy having a few friends, though. Funny thing about the Spark Points. I never pay much attention to the next level, but I'm surprised to find that I've set goals about how many I want to get each day without even realizing it. My whole SparkPeople experience seems lacking if I don't go with that "subconscious" goal. About Bogs - I enjoy reading them. It encourages me, and gives me a chance to post odd answers like this one.

    Sorry, I just don't feel like kicking your butt today.
    2073 days ago
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