Assignment #4 - Fall 2012 5% Challenge

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Triggers and Trigger Foods

Growing up I loved starch!!!!! Pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Heaven. Didn't cause me a problem eating as much as I wanted of them until I graduated from high school. Now I try to limit those items. I have gotten better with sticking to portion sizes with those items. But there are those moments......

I also love carmel!!!!!! Chocolate and carmel are a beautiful combination. :o)

At my old job, I used to go down stairs to the Convenience Store every afternoon and get a Twix ice cream bar, bag of Munchums chips, a tick of Peppered beef jerky, and a Mountain Dew.

Now when I get stressed at work, I hit the vending machine for a Milky Way or 3 Musketeers candy bar, a bag of Cheetos, and a Diet Dr Pepper.

And then on Friday's we have donuts and muffins at work, I try not to have one, but then something happens I get stressed and I find myself eating two :o(

At home, I try not to have to many snack things around. But then we end up going for a Culver's run for chocolate custard sunday with carmel and snickers on top :o(

I suffer very severely from emotional/stress eating. It got way out of control earlier this year, that is why I gain 20 lbs back after reaching my goal last year. I have been getting a better handle on it, but it still strikes every couple of weeks.

My work environment and job are very stressful, then the juggling my husband and I have to do to balance work, school, two small children, and a house, gets a bit much if you throw any other fun drama in there :o)

There are days I just get hungry, I can't stop eating, I stuff my face with everything and anything I can find. I am even get to the point that I hurt and am uncomfortable, but that doesn't stop me, I just keep eating :o(

I have been trying to get up and go for frequent walks outside to relax myself and breath some fresh air (but as it gets cold that might not work). If I can fit my workouts in every day, that really helps. I have tried doing some meditation. What I can do to help calm or distract my self really depends on what is going on around me. There are some days, I can't take a breather.

Count to 10 take a deep breath and smile!!!

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    Yes we are!!! And we are going to conquer!!!!!


    Thank you!
    2372 days ago
    You know your triggers and you are trying to find ways to deal with them. For me, I find that distracting myself in some way is the best way to avoid stress eating. Usually if I can distract myself long enough the feeling passes. Obviously I am still working on this too, but at least we are in it together!!
    2374 days ago
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