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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Something positive & uplifting to make your day the best.)

Set Goals and Reach Them

More than 225 studies reviewed in the American Psychological Association journals found that happy people set more goals; persist longer in achieving them; and are more confident, energetic, likable, and sociable as a result. So setting goals is a fundamental part of happiness training. When the left frontal lobe of your brain is focused on a goal, your sense of control over your world, and your perceived happiness, increase. Your goals can be modest (losing one pound a month for a year); personal (meeting two new people); private (finding more things in common with your daughter-in-law); or tangible (learning a new language, or how to play Wii Rock Band). But if you want to keep feeling young and happy, never stop setting new goals.

Put a Smile on Your Face

People who smile, even when they're not especially happy, can actually change their brain chemistry to mimic happiness. And when the brain shifts to its "happy mode," it blocks sadness, and we feel happy. Look at it this way: It's impossible to feel a negative and positive emotion at the exact same time, so you can block the bad feelings by thinking about, or creating a good one instead. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have proven that voluntarily producing smiles moves brain activity "in the direction of spontaneous happiness." Give it a try. I put a smiley-face on my mirror to remind me to smile. It works.

Keep a Happiness Diary

Record every "Up" moment in a diary so it doesn't slip away. They don't have to be big moments; small happy events count, too, like the first e-mail from a grandchild, a thumbs-up from your yoga teacher, or a thank-you from the mother of four you helped in the supermarket. Happiness diaries work on multiple levels: They help you realize how many moments of happiness are already in your daily life; they help you notice when those moments drop off or fade; and they motivate you to discover more such moments.

Choose Happy Friends
Happiness is contagious. Unfortunately, so are doom and gloom. Stick with friends who spread happiness. Someone else's happiness is a powerful cue for us. When friends talk about a happy moment, we automatically scan our memories for similar happy moments. Isn't that better than scanning for painful or depressing moments from our past to sympathize with those who are always complaining? And happy friends offer another benefit — they're great role models. Next time you have a hard time finding any happiness in your day, look at your day through your friend's eyes, and her positive perspective might become yours, too.

Be happy & keep smiling it's healthyto be in a good frame of mind...Have an awesome day my friends!
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