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Without Self-awareness, Nothing Works!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Without self-awareness, nothing works. No tactics in the world will work if you don't pay attention. Most failed weight loss attempts can be pin pointed to the moment you turn a blind eye to your actions and results. (i.e. stop journaling food, and weighting yourself)

You can be doing great: eating healthy, exercising, weighing in, tracking food...then you'll have a hiccup. You overeat, and decide not to weight yourself. You're going to skip over it, because you know it's not going to be good. Well, that's a problem. Because you're missing valuable data about how your body responds to large quantities of sugar & carbs. You need to be able to see that. So you can say: oh look I'm up 2 pounds. That's nothing but water weight because it was high in sugar & high in carbs. So let me just use that to refocus, and reward myself with healthy eating, higher protein, and lower carbs, for a few days and retest & see how I respond.

That can be motivating! Don't let that motivation get away from you. Use it as something to propel you forward.

Same for food're tracking food, and just by writing it down, you cause yourself to make different decisions, that cause you to lose weight. Right? But, there comes a time, a bump in the road, and you decide not to track those foods, not to track that day, because you know it was bad decisions. That kind of thinking feeds on itself. Soon, every time you mess up, you don't track. But those are the times you have to track, because it increases mindful eating, and it gives you the accurate data to analyze. Keep tracking, even when you're not proud of what you're eating. Don't turn a blind eye. Every blind spot comes with a cost.


I weighed in today at 184. Down .4 from last week.

I still have some lung irritation, so I'm not back to cardio workouts. I started working out with my personal trainer, Sarah on Tuesday. I did some lifting with her, bent over rows with 20 pound dumb bells, and I'm feeling it!


"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."
-Carl R. Rogers
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