Finally got a run in...Sheez

Thursday, September 20, 2012

hi spark

by that I mean 10 mins out there. 1 mile walk/run
not bad...so I did haul a$$.

it's been super crazy. had to be some place every morning.

real estate, and 2 kids....leaves no time for me now!
again SOOOOO glad I started SP when I did...

if I was DAY 1 today....anyways.........not important!

Craziness is because our hubby and me only europe trip is NEXT WEEK!!!!

I haven't even planned yet!
Got VISA though ;p FINALLY! it arrived!!!!!

Well, I have a rough plan for Rome, still got Paris to plan ;p

Mom in law is coming this wknd.
I am writing her daily schedule now.

Thanks to spark and a whole lot more organized lol!

My goal is still to get from 14 min to 10 min/mile ;p

while running I decided... that is a good challenge

b/c my body is not built for speed...hopefully it will cause some change ;p

and whatever my body is when I can run 8:30-9:00 min/mile!
I should be darn pleased. RIGHT!

dont' hold me to that! working on the FOOD THING and BODY IMAGE THING!

so simple yet sooo hard ;p

Spark on.

got to be some place, PTO in a few mins!
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