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Thursday, September 20, 2012

As part of the 5% Fall Challenge, we are to document the reasons that we want to lose weight. I had plenty, pretty funny that I went back and read some of my past blogs last night and saw some of them from back then and compare them to now. Though at this point, I will be entering the challenge in maintenance. In a perfect world I would love to lose another 4-8 pounds, but I am content with where I am as well, so I will see how things go and work with them from there. Funny side story last night my husband asked me how long I thought it would take to lose the 4-8 pounds and we were discussing my plan. He then asked me, "Would you rather lose those 8 pounds or gain 8 seconds off your run?" The answer was simple for me, take the time off the run. It is a great feeling knowing that my being happy isn't so scale dependent anymore. So, I don't want to relist the reasons I had for wanting to lose weight, I decided I am going to list,


1. I LOVE MYSELF. No lie, I have never EVER felt like this before. And I don't think it is because I lost the weight, I think it is because I started taking better care of myself. I started making time for me and though it is a struggle I try to not feel guilty about it, for the most part I am getting much better at that.

2. I LOVE MY BODY! No lie again, that is again something that has never came out of my mouth or even entered my head. And let me tell you all, this body is FAR FROM PERFECT. But I will take it everyday and then some. I have extra skin all over the place that I have no clue if it will be leaving or not, NOT pretty. But my body does amazing things. My body allowed me to follow this path of weight loss. It allowed me to abuse it for YEARS and forgave me and did what I was asking it to do with the food I began watching and the exercise I was moving it with. My body allowed me to do things I never thought I would do. It allows me to run and gives me the energy to push through any negative feelings during the run to power through with strong legs and finish.

3. TO BE AN EXAMPLE! This reason used to be "for my family". It is not all about my family anymore, it has become more about me, but I still want to help others and be a positive example in my family and friends lives. I want to show them that they can set goals for themselves in any aspect of their lives and they can work hard and achieve things they never thought possible. I want my kids to learn to dream big and fall short if that was meant to be and be happy with it and keep striving for more. The last blog I posted about hitting my goal weight got so much response that I was feeling so loved and supported. But then other things started coming from it, messages of people giving me examples of how my story inspired them to do something differently or look at something differently and how the outcome was positive. It is amazing. This is what I want to do!

4. I want to keep shopping in the the regular sizes at the store. I am so excited that I can put clothes back on the rack because I don't like them, I don't have to settle since I have so much more to choose from.

5. I want to keep running and striving for more fitness related goals.

6. I want to keep trying new things since I have discovered that many of my fears were not really fears of heights, close spaces and such, they were all fears based from my weight and how it held me back. I want to try kayaking, camping, hiking, all kinds of things.

7. I like being more pain free. I still have pains. Surprisingly enough it is not my knees that bother me the most, it is my shoulder, which is even worse now that I injured it at the end of this summer. I love that I have no aches in my knees (see number one again, grateful that my body forgave me enough to let this happen without permanent damage).

8. I love having this much energy. I love that I am more active and find myself wanting to get up and move. Before, I disliked taking my kids outside and would find excuses. Not only did I spend this summer outside with them, but I was doing stuff outside with them. I find myself searching for ways to turn errands into fitness. It is a great feeling.

I DESERVE this. I work hard and will continue to and it will all pay off each and everyday I am here on this earth. That makes me feel so worthy and capable. I deserve to feel amazing.
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