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Totally Impossible/Crazy/Wei
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sooooooooo, my RHH Challenge chicks (aka the sexy posse :p haha) got a HIIT mini-challenge from me this week (because HIIT is awesome!!!), but also, at the end, I asked them this:
I want you to think about something (fitness related) that seems TOTALLY impossible/crazy/weird/freaky and tell us about it. Something you would NEVER attempt or something you would LOVE to do one day if possible. Think big here, ladies!

So, if I'm going to ask them to do it, I must also do it myself ;)

I have done some amazing things so far in my journey. Things I thought I'd never do (like a 5k, etc..) but there are still some things I hear about or see and go "Man! I can't wait until I can do that!" and those pics and thoughts are what sometimes pushes me to keep going or push harder!

I mean... how freakin' awesome would it be to be able to do THIS....

Yeah. I know! Epic. I WILL be able to do that one day. Not as gracefully beautiful as she is doing it, maybe... and not SOON, but.. I will get there!

Other things that inspire me...


I have goals AND dreams.. and neither have a "deadline" because.. well... I'm never going to STOP doing them. I DO have stops and miniature goals that I want to reach and I push to get to them, but... when I don't reach them, you know what I do? Keep pushing!

Love her determined face and form. And her pants!!! hehe

I'm willing to work for the "impossible".

Again, look at that form. Holy crap, she's EPIC!

So yeah... my point of this was. NOTHING is impossible!

We should always have goals and things to strive toward because we are capable of anything! There aren't going to be shortcuts to it, because the journey is SO danged sweet!!

I am going to be able to fly...

..in my own way!

Babysteps, loves. You will get there!

Because of how stubborn I am for not giving up.. and how much dedication I put toward myself and this journey... I proclaim that I am...

I know LOTS of moms that this fits! *flex* Dang, we are GOOD!

Don't be afraid to sweat. Find something that drives and encourages you to your goals. Have FUN doing it. Love YOU enough to never give up. Even if you would much rather lay on the couch and do nothing... getting up to do "just a few minutes" could lead to this...

And MAN does it feel GOOD!!!!!

What's your impossible/crazy/weird/freaky future fitness/health goal? XOXO

P.S. Please feel free to check me out on Facebook for DAILY inspirational things, chats, info, and.. weirdness.. Cause... that's how I roll :p LOL!

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