Sheer Will and Determination to a "Better Me"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I had started Sparkpeople in July, 2012. Before I had begun my diet, I had no intention of "dieting" or exercising. But, in a few short months, my whole thinking had changed to more of a diet and exercise mentality, and now I am "back in the groove!" What changed my perspective was I had gotten diverticulitis, and was hospitalized for two days. Upon leaving the hospital, the nurse on duty gave me the instructions to follow upon being discharged, and she instructed me that I would need to go on a diet and to lose weight. She said I would not need any dietary restrictions, but that I needed to change my way of eating, and my lifestyle to form healthier habits, like eating less and exercising. Well, when I got home I started right away! After having being given such a scare as having to call an ambulance at 1:30 AM. for abdominal pain and fever, I am so grateful that it was not worse, and that I know now that I have the power inside of me to be able to change this destiny for myself to a "better life for me". A better life for me, and a better me. I started by watching portion sizes. I started reading nutrition labels to read what exactly and how much is "one serving size". I was shocked at how small it really is actually. I was just eating because every bite tasted better than the bite before, and before I knew it I usually eat maybe 4 or 5 serving sizes. Well, that certainly changed overnight! I started eating only one portion of everything, one hot dog, one hot dog roll, one serving of veggies, one small baked potato. And I continued this until I lost 6 pounds. Then I was online one day, and decided to look for a free diet website. I didn't think that I would actually find one, since Nutrisystem cost money, Jenny Craig cost money, even Weight Watchers charges a meeting fee, and sell their food at the meeting locations. I really didn't think a free diet plan actually existed, but I figured with the power of the Internet, really anything is possible. So, I looked until I found Sparkpeople. I joined, and right away started to read motivational articles, one after another. I never had liked to exercise prior to joining Sparkpeople. After reading more and more motivational articles about motivation, and fitness articles, I was starting to get all "pumped up". I knew that this was within my reach - I could do this. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phillipians 4:13. I wanted to read all that I could. I started earning Sparkpoints to send sparkgoodies to Sparkfriends or to use to inspire myself. The next day, I started to exercise. It all began with a ten minute walk around the corner. That ten minutes turned to twenty, and then thirty. Before I knew it I had joined a gym, and was going on the treadmill over thirty minutes every day, then thirty-five, then forty, then forty-five, and now I do fifty minutes on the treadmill. I am aiming for an hour and I have almost reached that goal. Once I reach the one hour goal for myself, then I want to increase the incline. I am also slowly increasing the pace that I had started at for myself, and that too has steadily increased. I recently started incorporating some strength training into my workout, push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, and jumping jacks. I also do the lat pull-down at the gym, about thirty repetitions. I have been feeling like I have much more energy that I usually have. I usually feel lazy and lethargic, and I don't really know why. But, since working out that has changed for the better also. I feel much more energetic and alive now. I can actually feel more life inside of me and that is a wonderful feeling. I had been suffering for so long, thinking that it just was "the way that it was". Well, that's not the way that it is! Because I have changed all of that. I am concentrating on the "here and the now" because the present is where we all are living in, and the only thing that we can change is the present. I have accepted that I cannot change the past, nor is worrying about the future going to change anything either. I have to take control and starting changing today, and let tomorrow worry about itself. Then I will be making some "happy memories" that I can look back upon and reflect one day, and then I will not be so unhappy about the past having been so unpleasant. Because I will have created for myself a happy past. That is what I intend to do! I also decided to change my appearance as well, besides my weight, I got a nice short bob of a haircut. It looks so cute, and I love it! I will be including some photos of myself with my new haircut, once I get some film in my camera. Don't know how to operate the new camera phones, or digital phones. Sorry, but I still have a 20th century mindset in a lot of ways, a lot of things are hard for me to learn because of my age. But, a lot aren't. I know how to operate computers, dvd players, vcr players, printers, cell phones, cordless phones, speakerphones. I'm just not the 21st century techy-type. So, you won't see me with a I-pod. Actually I have one but I can't figure it out how it is supposed to play songs. Oh well, I listen to music on cable television music stations, and on the Internet radio. Isn't it funny how nobody really listens to a AM-FM radio anymore? Seems like the radio might soon become an antique. Hey, hold on to your radios, everyone 50 and up! You never know how much you will be able to get for it one day when it finally is recorded as an antique! Oh, well, enough joking for today! Everyone, do your best and live for today. Keep an open mind. My mind was always closed to exercise, and I finally learned about the most beneficial things that I could do for my body and I was opposed to it for so long. Be open to learning new things. You never know what you might be able to learn or to take from the experience. For me the best thing I could have learned about is a good workout, and daily inspiration from a free Internet website called Sparkpeople. It has helped me, and I hope that my inspiration helps to "spark" countless others to "join the spark". Why not? You have nothing to lose but the weight.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are doing very well, I try to push myself every day too although its not always the time that you do its the effort that you put in. Someone that does 15mins and really works hard gets the same workout done as someone doing it for 45mins. Keep pushing you know you got this
    2040 days ago
    Thank you - you are an inspiration - I will try and catch up with you with the threadmill. I am stuck at 45 minutues but will change it up next month.

    You are doing great and look forward to seeing your new hairdo.

    When I was working I listened to my AM/FM radio & at home - I also listen to it when I am cleaning & even in my car. I guess I am old fashion. I do listen to my CDs also.

    Have a great weekend & keep up the great work.

    2040 days ago
    It's good to see you are doing so well. Keep up the good work. emoticon
    2040 days ago
    Thank you for sharing - what a great read and how wonderful to hear your story and know that you are doing so well and it is making you so happy. Congratulations and keep with the mindset - you inspire US!
    2042 days ago
    Your doing awesome especially with your fitness. Just a few short months ago you had the mindset of not doing any and now you are almost up to your goal of one hour. Its great that you have future goals in mind too. You will succeed!!!
    2043 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Glad to hear you're sparkin away!
    2043 days ago
    Way to Go!! I did not diet just tried to start eating right. I used another website to track my food and yet another site for exercise. I have done a lot of reading at various places on the internet and books. I love spark people. Just joined and am finding new info. Love it. Keep it up!
    2043 days ago
    Awesome, and much success to you on this journey! You are doing great!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2043 days ago
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