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Bad Day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yesterday was a really bad day. My co-worker is gone on vacation, leaving me alone in the office all day. Which would be OK... if I didn't still have to do my job too. My job? I break car deals down and send them to the bank for funding. Then I have to write Thank You cards for each of them. Then I have to post each of them into accounting and get the title work ready to be printed. Then I have to print title work for funded deals, keep track of trade titles that we have paid off but haven't received yet. Payroll. We had a very successful sale last week. I have 25 car deals on my desk. Did I mention that I handle this for two locations as the dealer owns two stores?

My co-worker is the cashier. So with her gone, I have to field the phone calls and wait on the customers too. I also have to work 8-6 instead of 8-5, because we have to have the coverage. The up side? I will be getting 10 hour of overtime this week. Which will help cover the snake we had to rent because the tree roots grew through our sewer pipes, and our sewer backed up the other day.

Yesterday was really bad. I had a gentleman from a local dealership we do business with yell at me and treat me poorly, then his boss called me and asked why I was treating him badly...
To which I explained to him that he might want to ask his employee why he was being short with me and treating me poorly because I was trying to help him while doing three other things, and it was his impatience that caused the issue.

Customers who are rude and impatient are a norm here too. I usually don't have to deal with that much because I usually don't have to cashier... but hey... I have big shoulders.

Three more days. Three more days. Three more days.

So I went home yesterday. I thought about taking a long walk with Hobie. But M wanted to talk to me about how badly our youngest is doing in school. She is hurting people full time now. Honeymoon period is over. It's not good. And there is nothing I can do. I can't stay at the school with her and make her behave (would be ideal... but I'm kind of the breadwinner of our household).

The walk didn't happen.

Want to know what I did?

I made the no bake cheesecake that has been sitting in the cupboard for forever.

I told M that I was going to sit and eat the whole thing.
He said he wanted 1/2. (he was stressed out from having to help my dad snake out our sewer drains).

So I gave him half, and sat down with the other half. Fully intending to eat it all.

I only ate one piece worth, and couldn't eat the rest. So I put plastic wrap on it and stuck it in the fridge. I guess the girls will get some tonight.

So I gave in. I tried to binge eat. And I could only eat a slice worth of Cheesecake. Still it was a horrible decision. When Hobie would have really enjoyed his walk with me.

Obviously I am still struggling with the whole self hatred thing. Maybe one day I will get over it. High stress situations make me hate myself even worse. At least I can identify that. Now to combat it....

So I blogged it out. Today is a new day. Color Run is coming up soon. I need to get back into running and just DO IT. I hope your days are going well!!!

P.S. Genius here volunteered to be the fundraiser booster parent for the Dance Company. WOO HOO. LOL. So any fundraiser ideas and suggestions are welcome. I plan on running at least one fundraiser a month for the next 9 to 10 months. emoticon

emoticon T.
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    More emoticon for you sweetie, it can seem like too much to handle but somehow you will make it through to the other side. I don't know if your school district is the same but in ours they have a "special" school for kids with behaviour problems, where the classes are way smaller and the teacher can work directly with the students on improving their behaviour. The students eventually are mainstreamed back into the regular school. In our district they don't like to do anything out of the norm so once I found out about this option I had to fight to get my daughter there. If your district has something similar it may be an option. Although be warned they will probably try tell you first that kindergarten is not actually mandatory and V should be held back a year b/c legally she doesn't have to be in school until age 6.

    As a parent I hated fundraisers, although I understand the necessity. The "best" ones, in my opinion, were the ones where the kids didn't actually sell local restaurants having a fundraising night & donating a % of a night's sales to everyone who turns in their receipt or a flyer or just shows up, depending on the place. Many would also let us set up candy booths at them, or the grocery stores/Lowes would let us do the candy booths. Our Boy Scout Troop would also sell the Hungry Howies pizza cards at the candy booths. Beter a booth than sending kids door to door. We did a lot of bottle drives where we would pick a neighborhood, put flyers at every house that we would be back at a specific date/time to pick up bottles & cans they could leave on their porch. For a hour's work the Troop could make $300 worth of bottle returns (in MI it is $0.10 per bottle/can, not sure what it is for OH?).
    2069 days ago
    I really hope today was better for you.
    You got a ton of stuff going on.
    can your boss call a temp to at least help answer the phones?
    emoticon on not eating your half of the
    cheese cake.

    2072 days ago
    Oh, and I looked up the color run for Charlotte and it's already sold out! emoticon It's in November. :/ I signed up to get a notice next time so I can sign up.
    2072 days ago
    Holy cow woman! That wore me out! A lot of work stress, and a lot of kid stress, and now fundraiser stress too. emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    The thing is. You are so strong that you can do this. And I hear running is a good stress reliever. ;) I haven't gotten over 3 minutes to be able to tell you if it's true but it did make me sweat. lol!
    Fundraiser idea if your dance co. hasn't done this already.. Car magnets. I know back when I was doing fundraising for the non profit I had at the time I got round car magnets printed at a $1 and sold them to members for $5. Not sure how many parents you have but they all normally love having a magnet telling the world their kid is a dancer, soccer player, etc. You could get them with the dance co.'s logo on them.

    emoticon I'm going for 4 minutes today! lol! emoticon
    2072 days ago
    Sorry you were have a bad day. You gave into the binge-monster but you didn't let him win. You were able to stop yourself which is a BIG accomplishment.

    As for fundraiser ideas. Are there any other parents that are as creative/crafty as you? I know of a dance group here that did a craft fundraiser. They made small things like crochet dish/washcloths, potholders, etc. Then had a craft fair and also auctioned off some larger items (afghans, blankets, purses, etc).
    2073 days ago
  • AGK3112
    I am happy for you that your day started right. Hope you had wonderful day and also rest of the week. It is very sad that some people just don't care about others and they just want to do what they want. Whoever was who yelled at you sure don't kow how to do their job otherwise would not do it. But I am also happy because that frustration did not come later on you with "CheeseCake".
    2073 days ago
    Dude, you have alot of plates spinning in the air at once. The school one is a biggie. Ya gotta get a handle on that, and maybe call in someone who can help. It can become a way bigger problem very easily.
    Good news is, by the time you read this, Wednesday will be over. Two more days. You can do that.
    2073 days ago
    I am so glad the binge monster is losing his grip over you. As said before sometimes checking out is good but when you do it all the time is when it becomes a bad thing. You are stressed in a lot of aspects of your life and you just need to gain some tools to better cope with it. One of them of course is to love/be kind to youself. Celebrate your small victories like kicking the binge monsters butt!

    Oh, boy fund raising. My small business got out of that game a while ago. We used to help to do fund raisers but it becomes chaotic with what I do. Ever consider the classics? Car washes, candy bars, bake sales, raffles etc? Yeah, I know I am not much help as I am sure you already thought of that. lol You are sucha brave soul being a booster mom! lol

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2073 days ago
    What is up for people commenting "Thanks for sharing" when you pour your heart out? Guess they just want Spark Points for commenting on a blog. Bet they don't even read it.

    ANYWAY... emoticon

    I'm really sorry people were rude to you at work. I work in a rather wealthy town and if people aren't rude it's a miracle. At least it's only until the end of the week. Although I have to say writing thank you notes to banks sounds ridiculous.

    I'm sorry V isn't doing well again. I have no experience hardly at all with children (only child with an only child parent on one side and the youngest cousin on the other) and my nephews live 5 hours away and I never see them. It has to be very difficult dealing with that.

    *super duper crazy good hug*
    2073 days ago
    Bravo for the no binging!! Piece of cheesecake was well deserved for all you have been through!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Fundraising idea:

    Check out:

    Jim Weiss is a national treasure and his story CDs were such a blessing to me when my children were younger. They would fall asleep listening to his soothing voice.

    This is stuff that has no calories, tons of educational value, not expensive ($15 per CD) your group will make $4 for every CD sold.

    These make EXCELLENT gifts for birthdays, Christmas or no-reason-what-so-ever other than they are AWESOME!!!! You see his whole collection and listen to samples on his website.

    Let me know what you think.....
    2073 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/19/2012 9:09:53 AM
    Thanks for sharing
    2073 days ago
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