Frustration setting in....

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So I went to a dr. appt yesterday b/c I was having problems with my left foot. Found out I have plantar fasciitis, and will have to get a heel insert (from the store) to help decrease the pain outside of inflamaton medication. So I didn't go walking today at lunchtime (besides the rain), but will find something else to do in place of walking for now/until I get the heel insert. Stepped on the scale and found out I gained 3 lbs. so what does this mean???....

Although a little disappointed in myself it could've been worse. I have been seeing a change in my waistline, but not the pounds. Gotta start getting up on sunday mornings and bike ride before it gets tooo cold. Will also go back to my 100 situps a day to compensate. Updated my goals so I don't have to worry about not making that goal :-0
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