12 Week Plan and Starting Pics (Can't believe I'm posting these!!)

Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm a little disappointed with myself...I wrote out this nice plan of my goals, rewards and plan today...and then I left it at I'll try to remember what I wrote and make this blog about the next 12 weeks.

My goals for this challenge:
1. Lose 25-30 pounds
2. Wear my size 12 and size 10 jeans comfortably by the end of the challenge
3. Start making over my nutrition (and hopefully DH's at the same time) by making little LASTING changes each week

My weight goals and rewards:
Goal - Reward/NSV
190 - Adidas Sandals/Fit into jeans I already own
183 - Date Night/Wear size Med shirts again & Pre-pregnancy weight
173 - Aeropostale shirt/Wear my ESPN shirt (that DH LOVES!) again
166 - New sports bra/Be at wedding weight
160 - New running shoes/Back to lightest weight on record as adult
155 - New sundress/Size 8 jeans?
150 - Date night
145 - New swimsuit (Bikini anyone??)
140 - Tattoo or new ear piercing
Also for each 9 pounds lost I will invest in a new Kindle book

My plan for the next 12 weeks in order to achieve these goals:
1. Cardio workouts - At least 30 minutes 6x a week
2. Incorporate strength training workouts at least 3x a week
3. Start buying breakfast/lunch options that will not allow me to make bad nutrition choices for myself, also start trying to makeover some of my favorite dishes with healther options.

Now for the starting pics...

Sorry they are so small, I took them with my phone. But now I have a starting reference at's to the next 12 weeks!!
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