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Monday, September 17, 2012

My friend told me that I should come up with a list of goals and reasons why I want to lose weight. It’s not as big as hers but I gave it my best shot. Here we go!

1. I want to have 400 babies. – Not actually, but I’m desperate to be a mom someday. With my size right now, I’d have a difficult time getting pregnant. As if I had a way to get pregnant. Leads me to point 2
2. Get a husband – I know, I know. I’m not supposed to want to lose weight so I can get a man but I really can’t trust a guy who thinks my flab is beautiful. It disgusts me.
3. I want to be able to play ALL of the sports! - How awesome would I be if I could just go to the park one day and sport it up? Pretty darn.
4. I am the dancing queen. – I actually want to look legit though. When I move my body like a cyclone it looks more like tidal wave.
5. I don’t want to settle. – Right now I will only even think about dating guys bigger than me so they can’t judge me.
6. I want to be a role model. – I work with kids pretty much every waking hour of my life. I want them to lead healthy lives so they won’t end up like me.
7. I want to find bras that fit. – A 44 A isn’t cute. It’s also impossible to find.
8. I want to have fun at amusement parks. – I love roller coasters. I don’t want to have to dread a weight limit or the bar not closing.
9. I want to be able to run or walk races for charities around the city.
10. I would REALLY like to meet someone that I didn’t know online first. (OKCupid, EHarmony, etc.)
11. I eventually want to have sex someday. I don’t want to dread it. I actually want to have it.
12. I want to be blown over on a windy day.
13. I want to be able to stand for a gazillion hours at concerts. – I thought I was going to pass out at the Hanson/Hellogoodbye concert
14. I want to be a cute and kitschy cardigan wearing pre-k teacher.
15. I want to be a young mom. I don’t want to be 70 at my kids high school graduations.
16. I want to be able to fit on an airplane.
17. I want to be able to travel and not be looked at as an American stereotype.
18. I REALLY just want to be able to walk around naked all of the time. I hate clothes.
19. I want to be really cute and small on my wedding day so I can take cool wedding pictures.
20. I desperately want to be cold. – As a fat person, I am CONSTANTLY hot.
21. I want to be successful in job interviews. I really do think majority of positions judge looks as well as qualifications.
22. I want to have ALL of the energy. – I’m so sick of feeling tired.
23. I want to be able to be the confident, outgoing, crazy fun person that I feel like inside without being judged.
24. I want to be the only non diabetic person in my family.
25. I also want to be the only skinny person in my family.
26. I want to be able to motivate my friends.
28. Sometimes you just want to be a slut. I really do. And I want to be confident enough to do it. Not as a fat ass.
29. Skinny people get drunk faster. Less alcohol = less calories
30. I want to choose Dare in a game of truth or dare. I’ve never played a proper game of it. No one wants to see a lard be all crazy.
31. I want to be able to wear as little clothes as possible with it still looking appropriate. Shorts, Skirts, Dresses, etc.
32. I want to make small chests look cute.
33. I want to look cute pregnant.
34. Chub rub can suck it.
35. I want to do a triathlon.
36. It’s so much cheaper to be skinny. You can find clearance clothes, you don’t have to buy as much alcohol or food.
37. Did I mention that I want to be cold all of the time?
38. I want to wear boots.
39. I want to be spontaneous without feeling judged.
40. I want my body to quit aching.
41. I freaking want to wear heels.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love it!! You can do it! And we'll do it together. I am so proud of the steps you are taking every day.
    2072 days ago
    Great list. I am 52 years old. I want one day to walk down the road and have work men stare/whistle as they did when I was younger. I will then complain about them being sexist pigs [as I did when I was younger] - natch. emoticon
    2074 days ago
  • TXTOAD9970
    Wow - you really put a lot of thought into your list. These are all great reasons to lose weight. Keep the spark and believe you can do it!
    2074 days ago
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