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Brixx 10k on Saturday

Monday, September 17, 2012

We parked at my work for this race so it was a bit of a trek to the hoopla but it was a nice morning and we had plenty of time. We got there, got our chips, and ran into the guy who doesn’t run but always brings his pit-bull to cheer his wife on. She’s great, the dog not the wife. I’ve never actually talked to the wife but the dog is a total attention sponge who thinks everyone is there to play with her. She always jumps on me which horrifies the guy but I don’t mind. She does that because I have a whole handful of mushy face and it gets her riled up.

We saw friend from work and headed over to the starting line to mill around. We saw guy from work who is about to retire but didn’t talk to him. He’s pretty fast and focused so I leave him alone until after these things so I don’t knock him off his game.

The race started so naturally my watch decided to flip back over to the time. It did get a satellite reading right when I got to the starting line so all was well. It’s funny that I simply must have that watch running even though I never really look at it except to see how close it beeps to the race’s mile markers. Also I never remember to turn it off when I cross the finish line.

Case in point, the Wooly Worm Woad Wace is a 5 mile course. I turned it into 8 miles by running the race, wandering around a while, then hopping in the car to head to my parent’s place. I think the beep at mile 8 clued me in that it was still running.

Anyway, the first half of the race is downhill which means of course that the second half of the race is uphill. I do love living in Charlotte. Generally what this means is that just when I think I’m feeling pretty good and decide to speed up I get to the uphill part.

I passed a woman running with one of those boots on you wear when you have some sort of foot issue. Good for her but DANG – really?!?

I saw the guy who runs funny. I don’t mean any disrespect, he has some sort of muscle disorder or something. I don’t know what I haven’t exactly asked but he’s out there running HMs which is fantastic. We were best friends for like 5 minutes once at one of these things. We were running together for a while so we had this deep, meaningful conversation:

Me: Hey, good to see you
Him: Oh yea hi, how ya doing? Beautiful out isn’t it.
Me: This is great. Hey are you doing Thunder Road?
Him: yup, how about you?
Me: Plan to, maybe I’ll see you there
Him: yea, have a good race
Me: you too

I know right, snappy dialog like that makes it a real mystery why neither of us is a professional writer. Also did you notice how cool he was at pretending he remembers me when there’s really no way. I’m sure he’s used to it though. Pretty much if there is something different about you, it makes you stand out so people recognize you that you swear you’ve never seen before. I suppose you could go through life being a jerk but he’s a nice guy so he goes with the pretending he remembers people option. I think people probably remember me better when I have the dog, but I didn’t have him this time so I was all incognito.

So bottom line, the run was nice, the course was as nice as you get around here, the people sitting in their front lawns drinking coffee watching the show were nice, the other runners were nice, the beer and pizza were better than nice.

Guy from work who is about to retire did the 10k and the 5k. I should have gone to cheer him on finishing the 5k since I never get to see him finish but I didn’t. I don’t know why. Maybe I was distracted by the beer & pizza or maybe I was just looking forward to later in the afternoon when I knew I was going to get to go to my mother-in-law’s house to help move ridiculously heavy antique furniture around.

Then get home in time to see UNC almost come back to beat Louisville, which is the same thing as losing. So I guess if you only have guys on the team who actually qualify academically, you don’t so much win games.

Notice how I left off my time? Yea well that’s because it makes me grumpy. It isn’t out there all official yet but according to the results that DH looked up while I stood in the background acting uninterested, I only beat my last 10k time by one lousy second. The sad thing about that is that the last race I had hurt my knee the week before so I was trying to be careful and not worrying about my time. This time I really meant to do better and didn’t so much. I can’t decide how to take this. On one hand I never started running to get **fast**. It was a case of getting in shape, fresh air, a way to exercise the dog, that sort of thing.

Still though who wants to be trudging in just before the time cuts off. I’ve heard rumors that people in front of me actually get cool drinks and not lukewarm water – that would be fun.

Of course the one time I decided to work on my speed I ended up tearing my plantar fascia and having to medical red shirt what was going to be my second marathon. Turns out though that just wishing I were faster isn’t working. DH is trying to make me feel better by pointing out how hilly the race was. I’m pretending that’s working because I don’t want to be negative nancy here and I have fun doing these things. Bottom line, I either need to work on my speed or my attitude.

Next up is a 15k. I’ve never done a 15k so – automatic PR baby.
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