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Monday, September 17, 2012

(see what I did there?)

Yes, it's true -- I finally got up and out and ran this morning!
*And the crowd says: "About damn time!"*

This comes after a three-week bout with Achilles Tendonitis in my right heel (and after several aborted attempts to come back to running, both last week and the week before). I guess this was my lesson that sometimes you just have to wait an injury out, and after this morning, I'm glad I did.

I say that not because this morning was incredibly painful (it wasn't), but because there still *was* pain. I set out for a nice and slow 10-minute run, with plans to then walk a minute or so, assess the heel and see how I felt about doing another 10.

I did feel achy-twingy with every step during the first 10 minutes -- again, not BAD bad, but sort of a naggy, "Hey, I'm down here!" kind of hurt. I walked it out for two minutes and it seemed to relax a bit, so I started out for my second 10 and by the end of it, my heel felt greatly improved!

Not wanting to push it, I walked my way to a full 30-minutes and then did a bunch of Achilles stretches in the stands. By the time I walked back to my car (I intentionally parked at the top of the hill so I could feel how the heel was doing), the Achilles felt much looser and relatively pain-free!

For the rest of this week, I'm going to build up with some more easy 10-minute runs, planning on getting to 4x Run 10 with one-minute walking breaks by this Saturday. If all goes well, next week I should be able to pick up from where I last left off, with Week 10 and those crazy 20-minute runs!

By the way, Joyce (that Personal Trainer lady) and her crew were at the track this morning and we chatted about the injury. She thinks it was *absolutely* due to the flip-flops, so consider yourself warned and beware the demon shoes! Next time, I'll wear slip-on sneakers to the campsite bathhouse -- or throw all caution to the wind and go barefoot! Athlete's foot would have been a lot less of a pain to deal with!

Until next time!
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