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Monday, September 17, 2012

I feel like my appetite has been ALL over the place the last week and a half. One week I'm barely wanting to eat an entire meal and the next week I can't eat enough...and now I can't eat without feeling sick afterwards...more on that later...

My weekend was good. The Boy had a few beers after work with some of the guys he works with and ended up getting home a little later than usual (he didn't realize that it was as late as it was) and actually apologized for not texting/calling me about what was going on... I didn't really care too much- I just kept myself entertained at my place until he told me he was heading home. On Saturday we both had errands and stuff to do so we made dinner around 7 and then just watched some TV and hung out. I did end up meeting another one of his friends which was nice. Sunday we went fishing and caught 6 NICE sized crappie. Luckily The Boy already had chicken in the oven and I just made some carrots and broccoli to go along with it when we got back. Sundays are not a good day to go fishing for the very reason of me not getting enough sleep...I woke up this morning needing more sleep than I got LOL.

I am definitely a 8-9 hours of sleep kinda girl. I know that studies have shown that everyone does not NEED to get that amount, and I know plenty of people who function on less, but for me- I need my sleep. If the Broncos weren't playing tonight, I would be going to be early.

I don't know if this is normal or just plain mean...but lately I've noticed myself reading peoples' blogs and sometimes looking at their SP page....well, when I realize or they've said something about their size/weight and they are for example- a size 7 or 9 and are wanting to be a size 5 I kind of... tend to not be interested in "getting to know" them. I know that losing weight can be a struggle for any and every one and no matter if you're trying to lose 20 lbs or 120 lbs it still takes work and it can be hard, but I just.... I don't feel like they need the kind of support that someone who needs to lose more weight might need. I feel like I'm being so mean and judging someone I don't even know and I'm very sorry if you're one of those people- I'm honestly not trying to be a b!^@%.... I just instantly let my immediate thought go to "why are they on here... they can probably just watch what they eat, work out 2-3 times a week and drop that weight without a problem"...I think part of it might be the fact that I was ALWAYS bullied by people who were smaller than me in general and I would give ANYTHING to be just a size 12/14.....let alone be a size 9. Oy... I hope this doesn't make people hate me...

Anywho....for the men who are reading this...this next section may not be much in terms of rating on the entertainment scale:

So, I haven't weighed myself in a couple weeks, but I'm waiting until my TOM comes and goes before I do that (My weight REALLY fluctuates during this time). Last week I felt like a bottomless pit when it came to wanting to eat...and I ate....and then ate some more... a lot of it involving chocolate and carbs and other unhealthy choices. Oy... I went from having a normal appetite to being unsatiable (sp?) for a week and starting Saturday feeling a little sick after eating (this usually happens about 4 days to a week or so-ish before my TOM starts- does this happen to anyone else???) I'm just waiting for it to come....and I hate waiting for it- I get super anxious, crampy, achy, irritable, and just TIRED. Luckily I'm usually able to hold back on taking my irritability on others- if I wasn't able to do that, I may not have many friends for a week or two haha.

I've never been super regular and I need to go to the doctor so I can get a new perscription for BC pills but I hate how they make me feel- Anyone else sensitive to BC pills and have found something that works?? I just feel horrible on them- I know the first couple of months on a new pill can be rough but I'm talking feeling SUPER crappy.... I've thought about asking my dr. for a low-hormone one and see if that helps/works ok. I was taking some BC that my friend had given me to get me through until I could get to the dr. and one thing I loved about them was that I seriously began to be able to KNOW when I was going to get my little visitor. On other kinds I've just been guessing/hoping it started before I was supposed to start a new pack. The down side was that I was getting some pretty bad stomach aches and my boobs were SOOOOOOOOO sore the ENTIRE time. OY Gotta love being a woman....

I don't have a lot more to report, just waiting for pay day and looking forward to a 4 day week with kids (Friday I have to be at work, but I can get work done and focus on IEPs).

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!

Until Next Time emoticon
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    Golden: The BC that my friend is on, is the same BC that I've taken before (prescribed by a Dr.) If it had been a different brand, I wouldn't have used it- because I wouldn't have been sure about how it would affect me. I just seem to get different reactions whenever I've stopped and then re-start taking BC for some reason. I've been taking BC off and on since I was 15 for my PCOS and while blood clots and what not are a nasty side effect, the risks are usually small enough that the benefits far outweigh the positives. If the risks were high doctors wouldn't be prescribing them. If I don't take them, I get cysts and don't want to have to have surgery if I can help it! But thanks for being a "mom" :-)
    2076 days ago
    I sort of feel the same way about people who "only" need to lose 5 or 20lbs. I realize, for them, it can be hard for them to lose that weight and they need support too. But, it can be annoying to be around the ones who only needed to lose 5 or 10lbs and then act like they are an expert with all of the answers when they have been able to keep off that weight for a few years. Not everyone is like that, I know, but I have seen and dealt with a number of people who got cocky because they kept that weight off. Those are also usually the ones who make it sound like those of us with a lot to lose were just lazy and pigged out all of the time to get the way we are. I have met some wonderful people in that category, as well, who have been supportive and sweet, but more have been more than a little bossy and judgmental. There are so many factors that influence both our weight gain and our weight loss that each one of us end up having to be our own expert on ourselves.

    By the way, not wanting to sound too much like a mom but... you should really, really talk with your Dr about your BC situation. You shouldn't be taking someone else's BC pills as it might not be the right dosage for you and it can be dangerous since it can also cause nasty side effects like blood clots and strokes. I would definitely talk with the Dr about how the pills you were on made you feel and ask for suggestions on alternatives. You don't want to put your health at risk.
    2077 days ago
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