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One Week to Go!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

One week from today I will be DONE with my 50 mile MS Challenge Walk. I can't wait and yet I'm fine with it being a few days away. I walked my 8 miles yesterday and 10 miles today (10.6 actually but that's my husband's fault for wanting to go a certain way since he came with me and it's his birthday). Anyway, It felt EXHAUSTING! I did a Bob Harper Kettlebell workout on Friday and had no idea there would be so many lunges passing the 15 pound kettlebell under each leg as we lunged so my hamstrings are SCREAMING at me today. Oh - they were yesterday, too. And the day before. It actually hurts to sit down. Ugh.

This week I have a rest day tomorrow and then only 3 miles each on Tuesday and Wednesday, another rest day (and travel day) Thursday and then 20 miles Friday, 20 miles Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday. Then I have off the following Monday since I figure I won't be able to move that day. I'll probably take a few days off of working out depending on how I feel and then I can move onto something different since I'm REALLY tired of walking.

It has been an amazing journey, though. I NEVER thought I could walk more than 3-4 miles but I've proved to myself that I can do at least 18 at one time (so far) and still survive. I've seen a lot of my city close up with my walking and found many beautiful (and not so beautiful) houses and neighborhoods that I've driven past all my life and really never noticed. I've spent quality time with my husband, sister and youngest son during our walks together, found out that I can walk a 17 minute mile by myself, and gone through many times where I thought I couldn't walk another step, yet persevered and realized I could.

I've found out that as of today, I've walked 402 miles so far total! WOW! That's a HUGE amount! More than I would have ever thought I would do!

I see the podiatrist tomorrow about my toe to see what to do. It hurts a lot after activity (like tonight) but gets a lot better with rest (go figure) so we'll see what she says.

Anyway, I'll keep everyone posted after the walk and the podiatrist appointment. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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