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BLC20 Plan of Action

Sunday, September 16, 2012

BLC20 is in full swing!! I have BIG plans this round. It is THIS time last year when my decline in good habits began. I started letting bad habits back in and I have approximately 20 extra pounds now thanks to that. I am ready to turn this boat around before I undo more of that progress I worked so hard to achieve. Here is my plan for the next 12 weeks.

Week 1 September 12 - 18: time to bite the bullet. You NEED to log your food. Remind yourself what IN RANGE feels like. Get comfortable with it.

Week 2 September 19 - 25: yesterday it was a festival, this week it'll be volunteering for a concessions booth at the air show. Serving chili dogs and "walking taco's" and popcorn and cotton candy. I'm saying it now... NO COTTON CANDY!! Go in with a good breakfast, eat a plain hotdog and drink your water. Log it and be happy! Did I mention LOG it?

Week 3 September 26 - October 2: FIELD TRIP! My son is having his first field trip with Pre-K to the pumpkin farm. I've been there before... might as well call it a festival. Kettle corn and such... We are to pack a lunch for our child and our selves. Stick to the brown bag. No cash in your pocket for goodies for YOU.

Week 4 October 3 - 9: Maybe it's time to try a crock pot meal for the entire family. Swim team is 3x per week while Ryan plays soccer every Monday, so we've been eating out a lot. By this time I'm LOGGING those meals and getting good at sticking to the healthier options, but let's try for home cooked.

Week 5 October 10 - 16: nothing out of the ordinary, more swim team and soccer. I know you've stuck with your goal to get in 1 group fitness class per week, right? Are you still swimming?? Time that 400 meter swim again.

Week 6 October 17 - 23: MID-ROUND SLUMP. Get creative. Do an activity this week that you haven't done.

Week 7 October 24 - 30: Sunday long run. I miss these... a lot. This time last year I ran a 1/4 marathon on 10/30, let's aim for a solo 1/4 marathon. This means that you will have spent some time in the previous weeks building up the mileage.

Week 8 October 31 - November 6: Halloween. I will help the kids divide their candy, some to keep and some to donate to child care for 'treats'. The only candy I will buy will NOT be my favorite, no need to torture. I will allow the kids to share 1 piece of candy with me. (They're going to ask if I want a piece, and I'll take the piece and LOG it). I don't do deprivation very well. I want to teach my kids to have a healthy relationship with food of all kinds.

Week 9 November 7 - 13: Remember that new thing you did in week 6? Try it again!

Week 10 November 14 - 20: Same ole same ole... start picking out a healthy dish to take to Mom and Dad's... maybe a new favorite dish this year, who knows!

Week 11 November 21 - 27. Thanksgiving. I'm not bringing the pie this year. I'm bringing that healthy dish I picked out and planned. I'll be leading a post-dinner walk for anyone that wants to get off of the couch and join me :-)

Week 12 November 28 - December 4. Final Week. The big push. DH's birthday falls on the final weigh in. I'm sensing an ice cream cake for the occasion (his fave). DO NOT let the fact that the round officially ended be enough to allow me to have a complete free for all. NONE of that Wednesday Weigh-In syndrome and DEFINITELY none of that "BLC BREAK" syndrome!! Stay Strong!!


Like the tri-suit? :-) I see areas where there is room for improvement and I look forward to comparing it to myself 12 weeks from now!
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