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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yesterday was an absolutely FANTASTIC day!!

The sun shone brightly, and even though temperature reached the low 70's, a brisk breeze kept it feeling much cooler in the shade. That alone would have been enough to give definition to this "fantastic" day, but what REALLY made it superb was the gathering of old AND new friends from our Massachusetts Sparklers Team.

One of the most perfect places to meet in Central Massachusetts is at Green Hill Park.

Thanks to one of our esteemed leaders, Amy, and hubby Tony, for getting there EXTRA early, like 9:30 a.m., to secure the same table, that we occupied last year, at the water's edge.

Heck, at that hour, you two were probably the only people in the park. Ha, ha, ha!

Our lovely leaders, Maryanne...

...and Bernice, also graced us with their presence,

but alas, our dear leader, Laura was unable to be there this time. We missed you, Laura.

Although not required, when we get together, each person usually brings some healthy food to share. For me, there is only one problem, the food is always so good I still tend to over indulge. Ooops!

Just look at this AWESOME group enjoying themselves.

Maryanne, Amy and yours truly just prior to our trivia game.

Yay, we played Trivia again this year, we always have such a good time seeing how smart we are, or how much we still need to brush up on taking care of our health, whichever you want to look at it.
Go ahead, pick a card, any card!

"Hi, my name is Tony and I just LOVE teasing the heck out of my wife, Amy, by answering ALL the questions. I really don't mind sleeping on the coach."

So after great food and a fun game of trivia, it was time to go for our annual walk...

Can anyone guess where it terminated?

You're right Janine, at the Men's Room. Ha, ha, ha!

Anyway, last year we DID go for a walk, actually two walks, but this year the furthest we went was up the hill to the restrooms, and according to our wonderful Spark Fitness "Map Route" is exactly .18 mile; however, we also walked around the "farm" and the of course we had to walk back. Not going for a walk was okay with me though, because my back had been acting very badly all week.

So here we were old friends...

Sue, (BTW, congrats once again for your accomplishment in finishing the Worcester Marathon. Woo hoo!!)

Diane, with hubby Jed

Janet and...


Now examine the pictures below, and then please answer "True or False" to the following Trivia Question.
Does it look like our old friend Janine enjoyed the use of these facilities?

I thought so, too.

I'm sorry Janine, the devil made me do it! Ha, ha, ha!

...and new friends gathering together for a fun-filled afternoon:

Marie, who wouldn't have been a "Newbie" had she NOT gotten lost trying to find her way to LAST year's rally.

Marie, we're glad you finally found your way.

Carol, who is better known as Ann.

Brenda & Luckett.

Dawn & hubby, Bob.


Last, but only because she was the last to arrive, Shanti

Before the fact, I spoke with Brenda & Luckett, and was then in contact via Spark message or comments on their main Spark page with Carol & Shanti. I promised them they would really enjoy themselves at the rally. Well girls, did I keep my promise? I know that, as always, I thoroughly enjoyed myself with my wonderful Spark Family.

So there you have it, a pictorial of the Massachusetts Sparklers Spark Rally. Thank you dear leaders for all your hard work in organizing this rally, but also for being such great, supportive, inspirational and motivational leaders. Even if I don't get to our team page as often as I should, or like.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read and comment on my blog.

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