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I just couldn't quit, but I did modify the workout...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

As you know, Friday was my 500th consecutive day for cardio and my plans were to completely abandon the streak. I've been looking forward to the rest and relaxation of a couple of days off per week. Alas, I haven't stopped it yet.

Today is day 502. However, I have modified it to something I can probably continue without feeling like it's a chore, at least for now.

I have abandoned the 20 minute minimum cardio time and gone to a high intensity cardio "blast" during my strength workouts. At this point, believe me when I tell you I don't know what a Cardio Blast actually is, although I'm sure someone will advise me. Here is my workout today (while at work) and I will have done ten sets of the following exercises by the end of the day:

Bench press, 15 reps
Crunch, 35 reps
Tricep dips, 15 reps
Seated leg extensions, 20 reps
Bicep curls, 20 reps
Squats, 15 reps
Running in place, 60 seconds @130 to 140 steps/min*
Forward stretch, 60 seconds
Standing quad stretch, 60 seconds

*Running in place - count when the left foot hits the floor. In one minute, my heart rate hits about 150. At the end of the day, the total minutes for the 'cardio' portion of the workout equals ten, although they are broken up into one minute segments. I'll try it for a while and see how it goes... my body is a laboratory, haha.

So this makes Cardio Day 502, although I'm no longer doing a minimum of 20 minutes. For now, I'll do the more intense short intervals and limit it to ten of them per day.

I'm still keeping the Virtual Walk team stats.

The Jog/Walk Across America team stats:
Team distance as of Friday 14Sep: 2947
Current Location: West Yellowstone, Montana
(The map is updated three times per week. Feel free to visit.)
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