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Sunday, September 16, 2012

I have had a rough week actually, I remember the word "miserable" coming out of my mouth! But right now, I'm happy.

Today I did one hour with Floss. my personal trainer, it was absolutely the hardest yet - I have very little memory of what we did.. I remember losing the ability to see at one point lol, thats how hard we worked out, There was 100 club, boxing, running up and down stairs, speed walking.. skipping, pushups, tricep dips, wall sits.. KETTLEBALL!... it's all a blur..
You better believe I was hungry after. Kelvin and I (he did it with me) went out for lunch and I ordered a beef lasanga with chips and salad.. not usually the kind of thing I eat.. I'm not sure how much calories are in it, but I could see oil and cheese in it.. bleh.. Still I believe it was the best option I could have taken that was offered to me... It took me 40 mins to eat it!
by the time we finished eating, my body had completely seized up and we went to bed at 1pm on a sunday lol,, and slept for FOUR HOURS!!!

The tracker on here says I burnt 1015 calories.. erm.. yes I'd believe it!
The best thing is tho, I hardly complained at all... I LOVE IT!
I love working out, I miss it.. it's weird....

I never imagined those words to come out of my mouth when I first signed up for Spark haha.

Ok some new goals:
The Pegasus Fun Run- in 3 weeks on Oct 7th. I am doing the 10k, (WALK) but I will be power walking.
By tomorrow walking I am starting my training. 1 Hour walking x 5 a week 2 hours walking x 2 a week. Both using interval.
Another goal. The Coast to Coast 2014.
I don't actually know if this is physically, mentally or financially possible to do in 18 months... BUT.
I do know that if I set my mind and heart to something, I will do my best and most likely get it done. So.. while I am taking unsure steps presently....
I have found a training partner and we're meeting for coffee tomorrow :)
I will need something around 3000$, a new bike, a new kayak, a certificate in kayak and learn how to swim, and mountain running training.
Did I mention it's the hardest race in the entire country? And I've never done a race before! lol.

It's tag line is:
"Tasman Sea to the Pacific Ocean, 243kms across the Southern Alps"
I know it takes about 3 hours in the car.. so that's probably about 3 days on the body! lol... Over mountains.... :I
Okay well... I'm rather daunted.. but.. I met a guy who did it once, I asked him - was it hard?
"no.. it's a piece of piss"
oh come on really?
"yeah! i mean, if you do your training it's a piece of piss, don't do your training and you're gonna get into trouble"
Typical southern man.. says stuff without saying stuff lol!

My training partner's name is Saskia... I'm excited to meet her.. she also has a ban on running and can't for the next four months (just like me)
Sounds like she's super motivated tho. Will let you know more next entry!

Ok so in the mean time, I will enter every race I'm physically capable of doing.
I believe my body can do anything - it's my mind that's in need of... a shot of confidence.
First race in 3 weeks!! I have never walked ten k in my life......
I walked 5k when I joined Spark and my best time was 54 mins.. so er..
Hrm! Perhaps I'll go 10 tomorrow so I have a time to measure against. :)

I also am committing to the 90 day Jillian program, if i finish it, i will gift myself a medal :) And that brings me up to 1 hour and a half a day.. when I don't have other exercise classes, I will do this cute workout I found online:


and by cute - I mean the guy! hahaha.

Ok so that's my physical stuff sorted..

Eating.. yeh.. I don't think it's gone that well.. Consumed a fair amount of chocolate this week - and didnt' eat fully or at right times, skipped meals..
In my mind doing the 90 day body revolution program, is EASIER than eating properly for 90 days. Crazy a?

But tomorrow I'm going to write a beautiful meal plan and I've decided to cut one of my snacks out cos I don't really need it.. Might try and follow a bit of Jillians Meal Plan guide.. (that came with body revolution). and merge it with my own vegan creations =]

I found a show on you tube called "losing it with jillian" its WAY better than watching biggest loser imo..
One funny thing I noticed tho... they often have excess stuff in the house.... (as well as their excess weight)

I have that..
and excess debt
and excess low self esteem....
And then she'll get it all sorted for them by Wednesday? (the stuff I mean)lol.

Then... one of the girls lost.. 74 pounds in 2 months.. _on her own_ that just floored me!!!
What's the difference?
Not wanting to take part in life, living life in fear == vs, loving life and being involved in it and carving out your own path....

So what really truly, would ignite that fire in me?
What would make me say .. YES I am doing that race, and I will do everything in my power to get it done - Cos I am strong and I deserve it and I want it..
What would make me say.. YES I am a beautiful women, and I love myself and take care of my health and fitness..
What would make me say YES I am confident, energetic, vibrant and unafraid and deserving of love...

Hmm..Some sort of shift.... I guess?
Hmm.. I need to really aim for this.

But one thing I CAN say..
In January of this year, I committed to getting my finances in order. I put a LOT of effort into it, a full month of daily meetings and thinking and planning - I broke my spending habit, and I repayed so much debt.. I actually can't remember but I officially am out of interest free debt, and I have just my student loan and private debt to Kelvin left! =]
All of that - while not working so that's wonderful,

This led to a confidence. that I decided to invest into business studies which brought about success in my home business

Which then led to an investment into my health... and I am starting to get fitter and stronger, and I think that led into my confidence into working again

and eventually it will be love again :)

So yeah.. I seem to be going from one strength to another...
But if Jillian can get people to chuck their junk out by Wed.. I think I can do that by Christmas! that'd be wonderful!!!
I wanna put some time into that as well as fitness =)

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  • PLYNSN316
    You can do anything you put your mind to! emoticon
    2066 days ago

    That sounds extreme, but I have no doubt that you can do it.
    Oh my goodness!

    2075 days ago
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