Bad, Bad Taco !

Friday, September 14, 2012

I gave in.... during our very busy week (2 away volleyball games, Siberian Husky with allergic reaction and one dr. visit due to daughters red inflamed eyes) my husband complained ad nauseum that we can never for the rest of our lives get fast food. This is a story ( whine, whine, bitch and pout) that I have heard many times before. I always have snacks and can tie us over until we get home. Today however we ended up at Del Taco. I even picked the place because it seemed like I could get a taco salad without much damage.

I know you are laughing right now, but I really put some thought into which poison would be worse and chose tacos.... What I didn't do was research. I am blaming my husband but really 100% goes to me. I could have had an iced tea and gone straight home... BUT I PUT THE FORK IN MY MOUTH LOADED WITH TACO SALAD. Oddly enough as I was sitting there an overwhelming sense of uhh-ooh came over me. It felt wrong and yet I listed off all of the things in the taco salad. Ground beef, lettuce, cheese, tomato, guacamole, sour cream. I did not order beans or eat the taco shell. The rest is all Primal. Couldn't be that bad?

Then I came home and logged on and went over to Del Taco nutrition page so I could track my food for the day. As I sat down my stomach did a huge gurgling flip flop. I am so bloated! Then I broke down the ingrediants after I fell on the floor from the calories and carb counts. A whole taco salad is 845 calories. 69 carbs and the sodium is 2470. Seriously 2470. If this wasn't bad enough, I clicked on the nutrition info for the ground beef. Among the ingrediants were this....
Hydrolyzed corn gluten, wheat protein, soy protein, silicon dioxide, sugar, oats, isolated oat product, caramel color....

I haven't had soy, wheat, corn, sugar or oats in almost 2 months. I feel cheated and silly for not doing my homework. I am the kind of person asking the local butcher the precise ingrediants for his turkey jerkey. I made him go in the back and check the recipie, then I down fake meat and eat a day and a half worth of carbs......

My husband shrugged it off. No big deal, I'll burn it off tomorrow. He's clueless - I got so mad that I sent him to Walmart to look for an item I know they do not have. Bought me 2 hours to get over my misktake and decide if I want to unlock the door when he comes home!!!

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    LOL @ Sending your husband to walmart for something he wouldn't be able to find. I will have to remember that one.. and I can totally relate to the husband unit being clueless..... Mine certainly is...
    2069 days ago
    OMG!! That is not good on the restaurants side, surely if they advertise it as ground beef it should actually be GROUND BEEF!! They really should bring laws in against that. All you can do is mark it down as a lesson learned and not make that mistake again. Good luck on the rest of your journey, everyone has a blip now and again emoticon
    2074 days ago
  • DEBRA0818
    Holy cow (although there doesn't seem to be much cow there)! That's some scary list of ingredients for "beef".
    2080 days ago
    O M G BEEN THERE DONE THAT emoticon emoticon
    2080 days ago
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