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Friday, September 14, 2012

It's a bit like hearing the first cuckoo in spring. You know spring is just around the corner, it must be, but there's no proof. Then you hear the first cuckoo, or see the first hint of green on a twig, and you know that spring is on its way.

This is how I felt when I weighed myself this morning. I hadn't intended to, mind, it was an impulse. I was going to wait another week or so to give myself the best change of not being in the middle of a bout of water retention, but I thought:

'Why not? What have you got to lose? . . . On reflection, don't think about what you've got to lose, all 100-odd pounds of it. Just get on the scales and see.'

So I did, and I've lost four pounds. In fact, though I didn't put this on SP, the last time I weighed myself, I was so annoyed with the result that I didn't acknowledge it, I just told the scales they were picking on me. So anyway, I'm properly ahead of the game:

Four pounds less than last time I entered my weight.
13 whole pounds off since I started on Spark.
The least I've weighed in about three years.
One of my tight blouses now fits.
The trousers I wore at work today will actually fall off if I breathe in.
The other trousers I wore at work this week fall down if I do something very active. (Look, I'm careful not to do anything too active, right? Honestly, the MINDS of some of you.)
I've been to the gym three times this week.
I've gone properly (300 each time) over my calories twice in the last fortnight, but went to the gym each time to make up for it.
I have not had a fullblown binge for two weeks. This is remarkable.
And I'm planning walks for tomorrow and Sunday. Yippee.

And it's all thanks to my lovely SparkFriends. Please buy yourself a goodie and say it's from me. I would, if it were possible to send everyone a goodie at once, buy you all one, but to send all my friends a goodie would take me a day or so, and I need to go walking.

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