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BLC 20 - 12 Week Plan

Friday, September 14, 2012

For the 1st time since starting Spark I have finally chosen to join a Challenge. Sure, finally...when I am super close to my goal weight, yes I know it doesn't make sense but it is what it is!

Funny thing is I planned on joining this challenge because my thought was that I RARELY finish things that I start....after a little bit of thought it turns out, that is a bunch of crap.

11 years ago after smoking for a lot of years I quit, I mean don't get me wrong I was hypnotized but ever since that day I have not picked up a cigarette (hey, that's a huge accomplishment!)

Also 4 years ago I made a conscious decision to change my lifestyle, no, not go on a diet actually change my lifestyle. I have taken off 30 pounds and although have not hit my goal, I have NEVER went above 131 pounds (that is huge). I never gained the weight back and I also never stopped trying to make healthier decisions when it comes to diet and exercise (hey, another huge accomplishment).

I took a couple of pictures this morning, a front view:

as well as a back view:

I guess it's not THAT bad, considering I lost most of the weight I was looking to lose!

I think it's time to start being a little more positive about myself. Most of the things I have said I would do, I have done. I went from being a person that did not pay attention to their food choices and doing no exercise to making a lot of constant food choices as well as exercising 3-5 times per week (again, huge)!!

One of my biggest decisions this year was to take part in the Susan G. Komen 60 mile/3-day walk in Philadelphia. I was so reluctant because you need to raise $2,300 dollars, I didn't think this was something I could do and within 3 months I have the money completely raised. I will be walking strong in 3 weeks (October 5-7 in Philadelphia). Again, huge accomplishment!!!

In the next 12 weeks, I would like to just open my eyes a little more.

I would like to get 7 hours of sleep EVERY night. I believe that if I accomplish everything I am hoping to accomplish in a day (work, exercise, reading), falling asleep at a reasonable hour should not be a hard thing to do.

I need to work a little harder when it comes to my food decisions. I need to make veggies & fruits a bigger part of my diet. I think that if I plan things ahead of time (breakfast, lunch and dinner) this should not be a problem.

I am also going to try and make Strength Training a part of my work out routine, I think that if I incorporate that into my schedule I will definitely see a difference in my body.

I am very excited about this Challenge, I am going to make the best of it, meet new friends and try and share my experiences with my teammates!!

I will be taking on this Challenge as serious as I have taken on all of my previous challenges and I'm hoping to get the same positive results!


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