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Dance Drama Begins.

Friday, September 14, 2012

So DQ started competition dance. She loves it. I love it that she is so happy. It is expensive, and I am going to have to start busting my backside with fundraisers, but I feel it is worth it if it makes my little girl as happy as it does.

The dance teacher is awesome. She is a good teacher, a nice person, a mother, and a very talented dancer. Dancing (and teaching dancing) is her dream. The studio is new to us, but we have been with this company for 2 years ( this will be our 3rd).

The girls are all really friendly and seem to get along well. They love dancing together, and it shows.

All of the dance moms are awesome... except one. She has such a negative and hateful outlook on life. She is always complaining about everything. She has a very dominant personality, and lets everyone know she is unhappy. She says things, and they sound so harsh and rude. I am having a very difficult time interacting with her. I usually smile, nod my head, sympathize with her, or stare blankly. In my mind I'm telling her that it isn't as bad as it seems... as the things she complains about constantly are so trivial. I'm not a beacon of positivity, but I am glad I am not that negative. It's... exhausting.

I just have to figure out a way to get along with her... for the next 10 months... while still being true to myself. She is a high stress situation for me. I've identified it. I'm not going to binge eat because of it... I refuse....

So I pick DQ up from dance (and worry that I haven't handled the hateful mom very well), and head home. M has spaghetti prepared, so DQ and I sit down and eat with he and V, then we get ready to go for a walk. We took my usual two mile route around the block with DQ and V on bikes, and M and I walking. I jogged alongside V on her tricycle for a portion of it. Encouraging her to ride instead of give up... which she kept doing. She isn't much for physical activity. Never has liked it much. DQ isn't paying attention through all of this (she is 7.5 years old, and I thought I had drilled road safety into her head by now). V and I are nearly beside her, and instead of stopping at the curb and getting off her bike like she is supposed to do... she begins to ride out in traffic. The oncoming car slams on his brakes. I scream her name, grab her, and yank her back from the road. Granted she did stop when she saw the car. She wasn't IN the road entirely, just a front tire. But it scared me to death. I lifted her off her bike and held her hand while marching her across the now empty street and giving her a tongue lashing the entire time. She just cried. Once across the street I hugged her so tight and nearly cried as well.

High stress situation number 2 of the day. Resist the urge to binge eat as soon as you get home...

I walked the long way home with DQ, while M took both bicycles and V home to get her shower started. I talked with DQ about street safety, and what she should have done the entire time home. I wanted to make sure this left an impression with her, and it will NEVER happen again. EVER.

I got home, and started working on the pom poms for DQ's costume (while M showered the girls). DQ will be a zombie cheerleader. I did eat a couple of semi-sweet morsels out of the freezer, but I didn't sit down with the whole bag and nosh on it until it was half gone like I usually would have. I straightened up the house, tucked the girls in, then began working on the photo book that I wanted to get created while Shutterfly was still offering it for free.

Then I went to bed.

Today we will be eating dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and having a date night with some friends. We will be going to a couple of haunted houses in the area, one was our favorite from last year. Mom and dad are keeping the girls. I plan on eating a light lunch today, so that I can enjoy my dinner tonight. This is my favorite Mexican restaurant, and I don't get to go to it often.

Thursday: 5K walk around the block. emoticon
Friday: 6:00a jog before work
Saturday: spark people videos 30-45 minutes worth.

emoticon T.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I already miss Mexican.

    Way to go handling the stress; the things we put up with and do for our kids emoticon

    Maybe just confront the hateful Mom, not in an antagonistic in-your-face way, but just calmly tell her that you don't appreciate the constant negativity and please either keep it to herself or take it elsewhere. Of course that will cause an immediate outpouring of more of the same but maybe the rest of the Moms feel the same way and are just waiting for someone to be brave enough to step up & say something before they do so as well. If it is bad enough maybe talk to the instructor or owner/manager of the company and see if they can say something. The girls especially shouldn't be exposed to such negativity.
    2105 days ago
    We opted out of dance this year. She started doing riding lessons this summer. Between the horse, Brownies, violin, and gymnastics, I had to throw the red flag up and call a "your dance card is officially full" halt.
    I know the girls will have a great year :)
    2107 days ago
    So glad she is ok. I'm glad you get tonight with friends. emoticon
    2109 days ago
    I am glad to see you aren't letting the high stress situations get the best of you. emoticon

    It is sad that people have to be so negative. I have come to find dealing with a negative person is to not engage them but not bow down to their behavior when you have to. We all know that with negative people likely comes drama. As hard as it maybe I would ignore her yet be polite if you must deal with her. When she starts up on her negativity picture a wall protecting you from that energy. Picture it bouncing off your wall and sending postive back to her. Don’t allow yourself to absorb it! She isn’t worth a binge!

    I am so glad DQ is ok and the lesson she learned was one that scared her more than anything! Again points for not letting that stress trigger a binge!

    Are you noticing a pattern with yourself? I think you are breaking the binge behavior! YAY! You should be so proud of yourself because THAT is a hard one! Keep up the good work!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2109 days ago
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