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we ALLOW life to get in the way

Friday, September 14, 2012

so lets call some B.S....
i'm calling myself out.

there are specific moments in ones life that strike chords. they are usually not your obvious ones such as milestone.

they are usually random unexpected moments. i had one today

my son has a baseball tournament this weekend. he is 15, but he's playing on an 18y team. i pulled up the brackets and the rosters to find out when and where and so forth.

seeing my son's name rostered out on an 18y team struck a chord.


my oldest will be 19 next week. but that doesn't get you like your baby

where has the time gone and why in the heck haven't i taken better care of myself.

here's why...i had excuses. big fat BS excuses that i was so convincing at, that even i believed my BS.

all y'all have done it too. does this sound familiar?
my kids have practice...
my kids have games...
husband is deployed or works alot...
have to clean the house...
have to to the laundry...
no time no time...
i have to help (do) my kids' homework
poor me...i always come last and they take me for granted...

do you know WHY they take us for granted all you momma martyrs?

so last year...i stopped letting them

i am a priority.

and how bout can take care of you and be an even better momma. i have far more fun with my family now that i stopped worrying about how much i had to do for them and started doing for me. it's not only 'okay' to take care of's necessary.

my kids have never really given me trouble and have done the required respects BUT NOW...they REALLY respect and like me. i'm not some servant and laundry fairy.

i am doing post grad work
i attend their athletic and school events
i run 3-4 days per week
i have a loving wonderful man
i have great friends
i do charity work
i am an officer at the VFW
i am a freaking machine, i am living, and i LOVE IT

so look in the mirror and be honest. pull your own BS card. you will grow and love yourself more.

people will treat you the way you ALLOW them to treat you

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