500 Day Cardio Streak ... in the books!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Cardio Streak Day 500
2.30 mile walk /jog
0430hrs 67F

Today is my 500th consecutive day for cardio and I plan to rest tomorrow!!

I made it. 500 days ago I wanted to do something to lose weight and get in better shape. I decided on a two prong course of action. First, I wanted to crawl/walk/jog/run/sprint (whatever I could muster) every day of the week, and secondly I wanted to do a daily blog about it.

I decided on 18 minutes per mile as the baseline. There seems to be a lot of confirmation in fitness circles with that being the minimum walking speed required for fitness to begin. However, I believe it's important to do whatever, hence "crawl" if that is all you can do; as long as it raises the heart rate and breathing. I decided on an arbitrary minimum time of twenty minutes per occasion.

The blog idea was solely to 'put myself out there' so I wouldn't quit. I knew that once I made the commitment to write about exercise, I would never want to write that I missed a day! It worked for 500 days in a row. There have been many days I didn't want to get out of the house but I did it anyway because I had to write about it.

Walking turned into walk/jog intervals which eventually turned into consistent jogging. The jogging eventually turned into run/jog intervals and I got to the point where I could do about three nine minute miles... what a difference from the time I couldn't walk up stairs without being winded!

Over the last 500 days, I have achieved a 94 pound loss of weight and my BMI is now in the healthy range. I can run up thirty or so flights of stairs. I no longer have edema, visceral fat, and I'm off medication and completely asymptomatic of any of the conditions that landed me in the hospital a few years ago.

I feel great... I feel accomplished... I feel healthy.

I have recently 'ramped up' my strength training and I'm doing multiple sets of strength training exercises about four days a week. I plan to continue some form of cardio but only about four to five days a week... I've earned the rest.

I appreciate all the SparkPeople friends and others who have stopped by, read one of my daily blogs, and left a comment. All of you helped keep me going and it is much appreciated.

I look forward to the next 500 days.

My cardio today:
2.3 miles
30 minutes

The Jog/Walk Across America team stats:
Team distance as of Friday 14Sep: 2947
Current Location: West Yellowstone, Montana
(The map is updated three times per week. Feel free to visit.)
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