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Tough Mudder Race Report, Part 3

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ok, here’s the last part of the race report! It was a long day, and there was so much going on. Thanks for hanging in there! Hopefully you’ve decided to sign up for one of these mud events by now (not necessarily this one – there are 3 and 6 mile versions, too).

Obstacle 18: Electric Eel
So, at the beginning of the race, they said that anyone with metal in their bodies shouldn’t go through the final obstacle. I have a pin in my foot, so that includes me. But when I asked why, I was told that I could go through, but it might hurt a lot more. So when we came upon this electrifying obstacle, which had lower voltage than the final obstacle, I figured I could handle it.
emoticon (Yeah, not so smart.)
It was a shallow pit filled with water (about 4-6” deep). You had to slither across the pit, which was lined with plastic, so nice and slippery, and try to avoid the wires that were dangling down about 4” above the water. There was no way to go under them, so you had to go around. There was enough room in between them to fit your body, but they were staggered, so you had to contort a little bit. To make matters worse, the wires were connected across rows, so if someone else hit a wire, the row would spin and cause the other wires to fling around. Nice chain reaction!

I waited for the man in front of me to get far enough in, and then I got down on the ground. I reached forward to pull myself into the water. There was a flash of bright light. Suddenly, I found myself at a concert on a bright, sunny day. People were jumping up and down, and some were playing Frisbee. There was music in the background, and I was having a lovely time. There was another flash of bright light. Just as suddenly, I found myself face down in the water. That must have been quite a shock!

Dazed, I had no choice but to continue forward. My memory is very hazy on this obstacle, but I recall being zapped well over 10 times. At one point, I got a big zap and deadpanned, “Ow. That one hurt.” The guys next to me started cracking up – “just that one?” I felt so weird, like I was half-asleep. But I made it out and swore no more electrical obstacles.

Peggy was a few people behind me, so I waited to help her out of the water. (You had to get pulled out like a fish to avoid more shocking.) When she reached the end, some guy was blocking my way. I asked him to move, but he decided to help Peggy out instead. I grabbed one hand and he grabbed the other. Right as he grabbed her, Peggy got hit by a wire, so he got shocked. Thanks, random guy! I don’t think I could have handled any more electricity.
Obstacle 19: Funky Monkey
At this point, we were exhausted. We were tired of running. We were freezing. We were at the end of mile 10, and we knew the course would be over soon. Michele had refused to do the Electric Eel (smart girl), and now refused to do anything that had water. So Peggy and I headed up to this peaked set of monkey bars. It was about 8’ up to the top, then 8’ back down to the other side. I knew from the rings that I wasn’t ready for the monkey bars, so I decided to just jump in the water and swim across. Peggy thought she’d try it, and headed up to the first bar. It was maybe 8-9’ up in the air. I offered to lift her up, but she decided to just swim with me. The water was very nice, since the pool had just been filled. This is technically where my Mudder ends, even though there was another half mile of running (which I did complete).

Obstacle 20: Everest
The lines for this obstacle were so long, we just skipped it. We had been on the course for 5 hours. It was time to be done. The people who did wait got to run up a quarter-pipe at a full-out sprint and jump just before they started to slide back down, hoping someone at the top would catch them and pull them up. Timing and speed are critical. It looked like fun! Next year…

Obstacle 21: Electro-shock Therapy
And the final obstacle. Peggy, always a trooper, decided to go it alone. After my black-out in the Electric Eel, I was not about to hit any more wires. This grid of wires has at least one 10,000-volt nasty in it. Peggy ran through and only got zapped once, and she stayed standing! Lucky girl. We watched so many people get thrown down into the mud.

Michele and I joined Peggy as she came out of the obstacle, and we all crossed the finish line together. We got our headbands and beer, and Michele got a blanket. I am a Tough Mudder. I ran 11 miles in the mud. I attempted 18 of the 21 obstacles, and I conquered 16 of them. I’m proud of that.

And, in case any of you read my Tough Mudder Fears blog, or were keeping track…
I fell. I fell on my butt. I fell on my back. I fell on my side. But I never fell on my face, which was my big fear. People helped me. I did not get stuck in the mud. I did not break my nose, or any other bone. I finished. I only skipped 3 obstacles, and only 1 of those was because I was afraid to fail. Nobody laughed at me. I did get hurt, but just minor injuries. My legs are all cut up from the rocks. I have bruises on both triceps, both elbows, my right bicep, my right butt cheek, my left thigh, my right knee, and both shins. And I twisted my ankle. But the ice bath really helped my hips and knees out, and they feel fantastic! I’ll have to keep doing those.

So thanks for hanging with me on my journey to be a braver person. I made some really good progress this past weekend, and I can’t wait for the next one!
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    Just this weekend my friend was telling me about two "events" he just did. A Warrior Race and a Spartan Race. The day before the event all the people on his "team" backed out and he was going to quit. But he gave it a shot and had to do most of the events on his own. When it came to 12 foot walls and no one to boost him up he had to take the penalty and do 30 burpees. I was riveted listening to him talk about this event and wondered if I'd ever be in good enough shape to join him. Then I came on here and read all your blogs and I'm EVEN MORE impressed. You never, EVER cease to amaze and stun me. you are absolutely fabulous and my role model. Thank you so much for deciding to go so I could have a better idea what shape I'd need to be in to attempt one of these...some day!
    2099 days ago
    Super Proud of you!
    2102 days ago
    WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! Electricity? Zapping!!! This is nuts! I can't believe you knew this going in and wanted to do it.

    You are AMAZING and BRAVE and STRONG and FEARLESS and ADVENTUROUS!! You are sooo inspirational!

    I love you girl!!
    2102 days ago
    WOW.....I read all three mudder blogs and all I can say is WOW. That's is just awesome. Good for you for sticking to it and finishing. emoticon
    2102 days ago
    emoticon Jen... Just awesome!

    I am so proud of you for not letting your weight hold you back and facing your fears head on. Your race sounded fun, adventurous, and right up my alley! You should be very proud of yourself for getting through those 11 miles and all those obstacles. (They sounded tough... and brutal!)

    You are a champion!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    So what is your next exciting event?
    2102 days ago
    Wow that's just awesome, great job!!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon
    2103 days ago
    YOU ROCK !!!! emoticon
    2103 days ago
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