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Thursday, September 13, 2012


So my husband has this friend that recenly lost 40lbs. And the thing I like about it most was it has just been from keeping active and eating right. So then, I saw his girlfriend the other day.. HOLY S***!! She lost 65 pounds! Last time I saw her she was around my size maybe more so around 200 pounds. That was six months ago. Then.. I saw her. She is a size FOUR! Like not torrid 4x.. Like freaking TINY! && You know how she did it!? AH, she ate right and exercised.

So today, I saw a post she made on fb. She is working as a health helper I guess you could call it. For $30 she will take you grocery shopping and then for $3/meal she will help you plan your meals and figure out what works for YOU! She is getting married in May and I think this is her way to raise funds for the wedding and doing what she loves by helping people be better versions of themselves.

Anywho. I got curious. I asked her about it. And we are meeting on Wednesday at 6. She is going to meet with me. She is going to see what I like to eat. And help me design a plan of foods to eat that are healthy and within my calorie range. She stressed tho to loose weight that it has to be a lifestyle change and not a diet. Gosh, I love her. She is like SP but in real life. LOL

I feel like I'd rather pay someone around$50 to help me change my eating habits than some skinny chick that has never had any problems with weight trying to make me drink some stupid milkshakes. Plus, I know the cash will go to someone I like for her time. Not some gready company just trying to get rich.

I think that this can help me. I like the idea of just having what I need to eat and having it all planned out for me so I can eat mindlessly but do what is right.

..Today I had a bit of a less stressful day at work. I called the lady that retired but never leaves and asked her to come in and assigned some work to her to take a bit off of my workload. Then I wrote an email to the other older lady that never listens to me. LOL All the stuff I needed her to do that she always ignores me on I put in bold red font. haha And guess what, she did it. I know it wasnt like I grew a pair in a day or anything but it was a step in the right direction. haha

Tomorrow is Friday. Im planning on rewarding myself for getting through the week and not going bald or kicking somone by getting my nails painted.

Now this weekend I need to try to get myself into exercise again. I'm going to research stuff I can do. Maybe I can find something local I can go do. I think I want to be a fitness hopper. I do not want to do the same stuff everyday. But I will find a way to get moving!!

This girl is determined to make her life her own! One day at a time!


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