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Work Stress

Thursday, September 13, 2012

So my employer has been laying people off. Lots of them. Our department has not yet been hit with the cuts, but they're coming. Yesterday our Director was let go - and that means those cuts are now imminent for our department. They've been on the horizon for a couple of months now, and a lot of my stress and anxiety (and poor sleeping) lately has come from waiting on those cuts. I'm actually at the point where I would welcome being laid off, just to get the tension of waiting over with. (note: I actually like working here, its a good place to work, and I don't want to leave, but the stress is seriously impacting my life and I just want it OVER). Rumours have been that its happening in October, or the end of September - the latest is that its next week. Of course, they're only rumours. I shouldn't pay any attention, but you hear things. And then they get into your brain and wake you up at 4 in the morning. It makes it hard to concentrate at work, as well.

I have a plan. I have some savings - I was going to use them to fly to Germany and visit family - but I can use it to pay rent for a bit if I have to. I've got my resume updated. I'm checking out job sites again. I'm as prepared as I can be, and I'm still scared to death.

But. There are good things in the world too. The world is just awesome. So.

Monday -
1/ Started the 28 Day Bootcamp and Better Sleep challenges on Sparkpeople. Love the Challenges, they help keep me focused.
2/ Weight was down again! 164. I've got 14 lbs to go to goal. I can see it.
3/ Had leftover pizza for dinner, and it was so good. What is it about cold pizza?

Tuesday -
1/ Last D&D game of the year. Went out with a bang - fought a dragon! That's the second dragon for our little group of 'disorganized' criminals, and we're starting to get a little bit cocky. It was a fun night.
2/ It was a truly beautiful day to be outside in.
3/ Watched the finale (part two) of Master Chef, and my girl won. :)

Wednesday -
1/ Got spoiled with dinner at my parents - my mom made an amazing stirfry with about ten different veggies in it, including kale, peppers, and beans from her garden.
2/ Brought home a jar of our home canned pickles - still have to wait until October to try them, but I have possession! Also, mom canned salsa, too, and gave me a jar.
3/ NEW CLOTHES. Bought two new button down tops and three new pairs of pants, that all fit, and fit well. Size 12. A 12. In January I was wearing size 20. Now, some manufacturers are on crack (if you are designing blouses for women, remember, women have BOOBS), but yeah. Normal people clothes fit me now.

So. Life is stressful. That is not news. But life can also be good. Here's to focusing on the good, and hopefully the bad will be over soon.

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    I used to hate rumors...until I realized that at least it gives one time to prepare emotionally and financially. My first lay off was something out of movie script. Our VP annouced he was leaving the company, 5 minutes later my boss said he was leaving the company, and 10 minutes into the meeting, the head of HR with a security guard pulled me out of the meeting into a mahogany paneled room with a huge oval conference table, and the Head of HR sat at the opposite end while telling me that I was an exemplary employee whose services would no longer be required.
    Ya gotta love that BS....
    That was 30 years ago...they aren't quite as theatrical these days.
    Best of Luck
    2414 days ago
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