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Thursday, September 13, 2012

We have already gone a long way to earn the trust of the world. Luckily the world (except the Arabs right now) thinks of Obama much more positively than Romney!

The kingmakers were Rove and Cheney and the Supreme Court unfortunately went with the Repubs! Totally wrong!

This is my blog and I can talk about anything that is dear to my heart! Getting the vote out for Obama is my mission! Join me if you are a woman or you want healthcare for women, old people, the mentally retarded. I don't think of this as political....I think of it as a moral issue! Romney and Ryan are not moral....they lie and lie and lie! They hate the middle class and the poor. Where are you?
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    He is the president of DEATH! When he was in the senate he voted not just for abortion, but to kill a live birth if the mother had an unsuccessful abortion.
    His health care will offer only a palliative to anyone over 65 who gets ill.
    2075 days ago
    It has always been the USA policy to uphold Isreal. However, Jimmy Carter (our former greatest president ever, in my opinion) wrote a book about people in Isreal demanding to much. He was under a lot of flack for the book, I never had the chance to read it, so I don't know. I do remember history and he was our only pressident to get an abiding peace treaty signed( that lasted in length of time.) So....I think he probably knows very well what h's talking about. Thanks sunshine for letting me post this. Yes, it is your blog and you have every right to right what you what to. Also, thank me for letting me add my two cents worth. One thing, I think is important to understand as a nation. We cannot have 2-3 wars going, fight poverty and drugs and let medicare and sick people in OUR COUNTRY go without. I won't out boys home and manning our own borders with their families by their side. We cannot have bread and butter and war. That was proven by history when eveything was rationed. I am leaving now before someone puts a boot through my monitor. Good Nite, God Bless emoticon
    2076 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/15/2012 2:38:03 AM
  • PANDAS10
    I'm a registered Democrat... I did not vote for Obama in 08 and probably won't this time around either (FWIW, I voted for Ralph Nader as I live in a red state so my vote didn't really matter - but I think getting enough votes to a third party so that they can get campaign funds for the next election is VERY important). I actually like Obama and believe him to be more moderate than most give him credit for - but I'm tired of him toeing the party line and CANNOT stand Reid and Pelosi. I CANNOT stand behind the Entitled Nanny State they are creating.
    I am mostly socially liberal; mostly financially conservative... yet I believe in traditional values and common sense - the degradation of both have lead to the sad state the country is in.
    I don't believe in spending money that we don't have. When I did that, I had to file bankruptcy (at the age of 26 no less)... so I think it is not prudent to continue this track. But the republicans refuse to raise taxes - the only (simplified) solution is to cut spending and bring in more revenue; and the democrats refuse to create a budget O_o.
    We keep seeing extremes from both parties - and they are the ones that are causing the crazy mess. The answer is someone, somewhere in the middle. A moderate who can understand and who can compromise - regardless of what it means for re-election.
    There is no candidate that represents me and my values - both parties are corrupt and need overhauled. I don't know who I'll vote for; but I WILL vote and I will vote my conscience.... voting is a privilege that we may not always enjoy.

    **btw, love the blog and love engaging in a lively debate! Have a great weekend!
    2076 days ago
  • WILSON425
    I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So here's mine. Obama did NOT start the war. He is trying to do what is best for this country. And if we must bring religion into it, why not help the poor? the middle class? the elderly? the sick? What would Jesus do? I for one would like to give him another 4 years to sort out the mess this country is in. Nothing can happen overnight when it comes to government.
    2076 days ago
  • GLC2009
    God has no business in politics!! period......

    the idea that God cares about you and your religion and if you pray hard enough your team, religion, church, horse, whatever, will win cuz you prayed to God is patently ridiculous.

    Grab a brain. If you want to believe in God, fine. If you think God is going to favour you, cuz, you belong to the right religion, political party, race, creed, or colour...well, your a dope.

    And politics should be based on reality.
    2077 days ago
  • RUSSELL_40
    I don't think Sunshine puts her thoughts into a blog so she can argue with you Jen. It is to get her thoughts out, and we can respond. A continued argument with others is useless. A blog is more like a journal, not a debate.

    I think at the DNC the vote for God and Jerusalem lost, probably 50/50. I know 7 of the delegates, and they explained their position. It was a convention for America, of which Jerusalem is not part of, and they believe Israel can pick their own capitol without the support of the Democratic party. That is something for the U.N, and U.S to endorse, if they choose to do so. The other isabout separation of church and state. How can you have a separation, if you put God in your platform? All of my friends are Christian, but respect the right of people of other religions to not feel like second class citizens.. how would you like it if we had millions of immigrants flee the Middle East, and in 2030, Islam was the major religion? Would you be clamoring to add Allah into the convention platform? no? I guess it sucks to be in the minority!

    Another one I love is the idea that God is on OUR side. God created the Earth in 6 days, and since then, has just been sitting around being on our side. I am sure the Romans thought the Gods were on their side too. In a war, both sides usually think God is on their side, but someone has to be wrong, correct? Jews, Muslims, and Christians all believe in God, so why does God pick us? Maybe it is time for us to earn it, and be peaceful.

    The vote was not about whether they liked God and Jerusalem/Israel. It was about the fact that it shouldn't have been in their platform. Wasn't saying God bless America 100 times enough? Insinuating that Republicans love God more is just ridiculous.

    Sunshine.. keep saying whatever you want.. I am on the side of people using their 1st amendment rights.. with you. Obama 2012!
    2077 days ago
  • DARLY55
    More power to you, Sunshine. That's what's so great about our country!
    2077 days ago
    Obama has my vote too
    2077 days ago
    Where am I? Not with you - I'm On the side of those who want to keep God and Jerusalem on the side of the USA.

    That vote spoke loudly and clearly to all of America and the world telling the truth about the DNC.

    Thank you.
    If you don't want to talk to our team, why do you want to blog? are you afraid to have dialog where we can talk back? you hide here behind a one way monologue. emoticon
    2077 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/13/2012 7:03:19 PM
    Not with you! I totally disagree that Romney and Ryan are against the middle class. Obama is all for giving the poor which is totally wrong in my book

    You asked, I answered. And I was even polite! emoticon
    2077 days ago
    I am rooting for Romney and Ryan, and for a veto-proof Senate; however, I don't mind your blogs at all. If anyone doesn't like YOUR blogs, which reflect YOUR opinions (and also some good jokes), then one should simply not read your blogs.
    2077 days ago
  • GLC2009
    i'm not american, but, from what i see on tv, i can't believe the poor options you guys have. i can't even believe anyone would consider any of the goofs running against obama.
    and, i can't believe how often i see/hear the criticizing of obama as if he single handedly ran the country into the ground. if i believed what i heard, i would think obama was given a fabulous government with no real problems or debt and he managed to totally f*$# it up in 4 short years!
    talk about a spin on the truth.
    i wish he hadn't wasted so much time trying to get along with others and had been more of a hard ass and forced his ideas more. so many of the other politicians have made it their mission to go against anything obama has tried to do, whether it's a good idea or not, if it's obama's idea they have said no.
    at least that's what i perceive from my corner of the world. emoticon
    and yes, it's your blog........say anything you want. anything at all.
    2077 days ago
    Me, too! I agree with you that you are entitle to say what you want in your blog! Republicans are such good liars. A lot of Americans are so ignorant about the actual facts.

    2077 days ago
  • CCHEF1
    I support you saying what you want in your blog!

    2077 days ago
    I'm with you darlin' ! We are in a key state in Colorado and the Prez seemingly has made this his 2nd home! I'm 5 miles from the base that he lands in and I see AF1 most times when he comes into town it sends chills. No matter what from what I've read Obama/Biden has done a lot to better things, and from what I've read on the other side it scares me to death to see what might happen if the pubs get in!

    2077 days ago
    I agree with you completely! OBAMA 2012!
    2077 days ago
    I'll stand by you! I sometimes go off on my blog too. Today might be one of those days.

    Obama/Biden 2012!!
    2077 days ago
    I stand by Obama as an American woman, but most importantly as a mother of a little girl who I want to grow up being able to make decision over her own life and body, and be an equal in her chosen career field!!! And as a the daughter of a mother who gets her income from disability and her health care from Medicare.
    2077 days ago
    Where am I? Standing with you, sister!

    I'm glad to see that the guidelines allow this kind of blog. No one is ever forced to read it and you're not speaking for anyone but yourself.

    You may have harsh words for the ultra-conservatives, but I see no "hate speech" here, as opposed to the crap you'll find on the conservative "team" forum. Ugh. Bigotry and mysogyny everywhere there, and they're still in business...
    2077 days ago
    Good for YOU!!!!!!!!!! And, emoticon again. If Romney and Ryan win, we are in for a world of hurt. I am from Wisconsin and fully realize how much Ryan has ALWAYS lied!!!
    2077 days ago
    I have promoted the Libertarian Party for decades. They would not have let our nation lose it's best credit standing. They would not take-on SO many issues that are for the States to handle. They would not spend billions on helping nations filled with people who are devoted to "killing the infidels."

    Republicans and Democrats are idiots emoticon
    2077 days ago
    I think it's weird that people criticize your comment. No one is forced to read it. I am with you that Obama may not be a perfect leader, but he's heads and shoulders above Romney. I think most mainstream GOP leaders aren't getting into the Romney game because they know he's a lost cause--they are just waiting for 2016.
    2077 days ago
    I'm with you Gayle! The thought of where this country will go if Obama isn't re-elected is chilling. You absolutely have the right to say what you want to in your blogs. There are heavily religious blogs posted here at Spark all of the time. Although I am not a Christian, I respect the right of free speech for everyone.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2077 days ago
    BTW.........from Sparkpeople "Using your Blog at Blogging Basics for SparkPeople Members"

    -- By Jen Mueller, SparkPeople Community Leader

    "According to Merriam-Webster, a blog is "a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer."

    "A blog is your own personal outlet, where you can voice your opinion, share your ideas, and reflect on the changes you're making."

    "Your SparkPeople blog doesn't just have to be about your weight loss or health goals either. You can write or talk about a wide variety of topics that interest you."

    AND..........from Community Guidelines....."The SparkPeople Community has millions of members. This means there are many different people with many different opinions about many different issues. If you see something posted that you do not personally agree with, please avoid the post as your first response instead of making a negative comment or reporting it – unless of course, it clearly a violates the Community Guidelines."
    2077 days ago
    Yes, it is and Yes we can....again. I'm with you Sunshine!
    2077 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/13/2012 5:12:19 AM
    Yes! It its your blog and you certainly can say anything you want. It's fascinating that people think they can control your blog content.

    I too consider this election a moral issue. I too support President Obama. Frankly, I cannot instated anyone thinking that it is even patriotic to support anyone else.

    Vote Obama/Between in November - for the sake of America. Keep this country decent.
    2077 days ago
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