WHIP IT: Day 2

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

emoticon Eat Mostly Paleo
emoticon About 2,000 Calories Daily
emoticon 5 Servings of Freggies a Day

emoticon Breakfast at Home, around 500 Calories

2 eggs, coffee with creamer = 250 calories
(I was supposed to have sausage too, but Ethan cooked for me this AM and the sausage wasn't done by the time I had to rush out the door.)

emoticon Healthy Lunch, around 500 Calories

Planned: Salad with cranberries and almonds = 195 calories
My salad also had red onions, bell pepper, cucumber and tomato on it. I usually pick all of this stuff off, but I figured "What the heck?!" and gave it a try. Not too bad. Had 2 packs of club crackers with it, but I didn't really need them. Also realized I had regular Italian dressing, not the FF kind...ah-well. Total Calories = 399

* 2-3 Healthy Snacks, for a total of 500 Calories

emoticon Planned Snack 1: apple and almonds = 264 calories
Planned Snack 2: Kind Bar = 190 calories - NOT SO MUCH. *sigh*

Okay, so here's where I struggled again. I had a sort of "out of body" binge yesterday courtesy of Taco Bell. The damage? One Beef Supreme Chalupa, one Taco, one Beefy 5-Layer Burrito. The damage? 1,100 calories. OUCH!

Total = 1,290 calories

emoticon Dinner at Home, around 500 Calories

Planned: Keema over 1c brown rice = 416 calories

YAY! At least there is a small victory in that part. Of course, I should mention that I followed this with a cupcake. Logan's birthday was Sunday and somehow we forgot the cake part, which I meant to do at home with some store-bought cupcakes. I made up for it last night and we each had a chocolate cupcake with blue icing. Calories? I'd say about 310 calories at least.

Total calories for the day? 2,665

So much for having a low calorie day...BUT...I did better than I did on day 1, and it's all about the small steps, right?

emoticon At least 60 Minutes Working Out Daily - NOT HAPPENING. First of all, there was a huge time crunch. Second, I was trying to socialize at practice last night. Say what you will, but I find this to be very important for my mental well-being. Sometimes it's okay for me to be lost in my own little world, but there are other times when if I don't talk to other adults in a non-work-related situation, I basically tend to start going mad. Plus, my body is still screaming from Monday night's workout...which means 2 things - 1) Maybe I pushed a little TOO hard there...not quite ready for the intermediate stuff. 2) I challenged my body in a real way. I forgot how much this circuit training can do that for I'm thinking of adding it back into my routine on a more regular basis.
emoticon About 500 Calories Burned Per Day

* Morning Workout: Bike and ST - MISSED.
* Evening Workout: NTC 30-45 minute workout + walking 15 minutes - NOPE
* Plank-A-Day Planks (current goal: 4 minutes prone, 1 minute side) - NO FRIGGIN' WAY!

emoticon Work Every Day

* Get all cases to completion for now
emoticon Read through information sent yesterday and analyze data before deciding how to proceed
- Do telephone interviews of at least 3 witnesses - I did 1 and then got stuck when some more info came back on another case. Will work on this more today. I have at least 3 more interviews I know I need to do.
* Clean office
* Begin attempts for sponsorship for poster contest project

emoticon Drink at least 80-115 oz Water Per Day

emoticon Mom Stuff

emoticon Ethan - Football Practice
* Check boys' homework - OKAY, so I asked, but I didn't CHECK, which lead to Ethan doing homework this morning before catching the bus.
emoticon Make sure they've done chores

We had a serious family meeting last night wherein I asked everyone (again) for their help in getting the house back in order (again). I'll be sending Hubs a "Honey Do List" today since he's off work, and the boys have a list of what their chores are each day. I told them that they will have to earn their XBox and Computer time, which will now be limited, by doing all their chores and homework. I also told Logan that he MIGHT be able to earn back his computer by Friday IF he follows all the rules and does all his chores between now and then without me having to hound him about it. Let's see how he does...

emoticon Evening Chores

* Living Room - NOPE
* Kitchen - NOPE
* Laundry - NOPE

Honestly, there was like 0 time. I came home, started dinner, then family meeting time, then we ate, did Logan's birthday wish/cake, and then it was time for the boys to go to bed and I watched an episode of my current Netflix TV Series (watching Make It or Break It right now) before heading to bed. Somehow I just forgot about MY chores (great example I'm setting, right? *lol*).

emoticon Bed by 9:30 p.m. - NOPE. More like 11pm. Crazy night.

So, all in all, I did better than yesterday, but I could have done even there's room for improvement today. Once again, plans are changing (and might change again). I was supposed to go out with my bestie on Friday, but I forgot I also promised the boys I would take them to the HS football game that night (and promised some of the football moms last night that I would be there without thinking). So I've asked her to switch to tonight instead and I'm hoping she's free. *fingers crossed*

=== === === === === ===

Today's plan...

emoticon Eat Mostly Paleo - OKAY. This is NOT going to happen because of dinner...
emoticon About 2,000 Calories Daily
emoticon 5 Servings of Freggies a Day

emoticon Eat Mostly Paleo
emoticon About 2,000 Calories Daily
emoticon 5 Servings of Freggies a Day

emoticon Breakfast at Home, around 500 Calories
Sausage, 2 eggs, and coffee with cream = 445 Calories

* Healthy Lunch, around 500 Calories
Plan: Beef & Cauliflower Stew + Apple = 400 Calories

* 2-3 Healthy Snacks, for a total of 500 Calories
Planned Snack 1: Kind Bar = 190 Calories
Planned Snack 2: Banana (post workout) = 125 Calories

* Dinner OUT, BE CAREFUL!!
We're planning on going here probably:

I've never been here but I've heard great things. Thing is, if I'm being good I'll get steak or fish...but I have a feeling I'm going to cave and get pasta. Maybe the Pasta Pesto would be a good compromise there...*shrug* Basically, I'm going to try to go into it being conscious about what I'm doing, but I'm probably going to have some pasta and a glass of wine because I haven't seen my girl in months and we rarely get time together any longer (because I'm too friggin' busy to even breathe half the time!). Life's too short to be all "I'm on a diet" on occassions like these. Sorry, but that's the God's honest truth. I'll be living with issues with calories and food my entire life and I have to realize that there will be times when the plan flies out the window and you just enjoy some good food with good company. What I have to do is focus the rest of the time so that these times are more special and I don't have to feel the least bit guilty about them.

Plan B: Dinner at home
Hubs is going to be putting in some pot roast in the crock and whipping up some mashed potatoes from scratch, so if my plans fall through with my friend, I'll just go home and enjoy dinner with the boys.

emoticon At least 60 Minutes Working Out Daily - This will probably not happen again. Honestly, I'm shooting for sticking it out for 30 minutes...

emoticon About 500 Calories Burned Per Day - FYI: My HRM needs a new battery so I currently have no clue how many calories I'm burning in any workout...this is just more of a placeholder for when I get the battery replaced (hopefully this weekend).

* Morning Workout: NADA - I honestly COULD NOT get out of bed. My body is so sore from Monday that I feel like I've been hit by a bus. No lie. OW! And I mean EVERYWHERE. Arms, calves, thighs, butt, abs...even my forearms and neck are sore, seriously! GEEZ!

* Evening Workout: Laps at the pool - I'm hoping to squeeze this in between work and dinner.

* Plank-A-Day Planks (current goal: 4 minutes prone, 1 minute side) - I'm honestly not sure if I can tough this out today. I did like half a dozen different planks on Monday and OMG it still hurts!

emoticon Work Every Day

* Get all cases to completion for now
- Make telephone calls and conduct interviews (3)
- Work through and analyze data received yesterday
* Clean office
* Begin attempts for sponsorship for poster contest project

emoticon Drink at least 80-115 oz Water Per Day

emoticon Mom Stuff

* I'm off today, actually...sorta. Hubs is home so he'll be taking care of things mostly, but I do have some research to do on fundraising for Ethan's team. I promised the football moms I would bring some info with me on Thursday to practice...

emoticon Evening Chores

* Laundry - Might ask Hubs to do, actually...he'll be home all day.
* Bathroom

emoticon Bed by 10:00 p.m.

Finally, it's Hump Day, so the weekend is fast approaching. Things currently on my schedule for the weekend:

- Friday Night - HS football game
- Saturday Morning - Football drills with Ethan

Thankfully we have this Sunday off from games (Bye Week), but I still have other stuff to work on like getting the house picked up and then working on this fundraising stuff. I know I'm busy as all get out, but I really want to be more active in Ethan's sports...especially since I'll begin applying to jobs out of state again soon and the possibility of leaving is looming over my head. :(

Honestly, I'd like to go to Columbus either Saturday or Sunday and do the shopping I didn't get to do weekend before last... we'll see...
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  • SUGIRL06
    I don't know how you get 3 boys to do chores. Rob and I were struggling for a while there with me being away. I was coming home to a messy house every weekend. He would complain that he had rugby and was *tired*. Finally, I broke and explained to him that I had to keep my apartment at school clean all week and it wasn't fair for him to want me (with him though, he's not lazy) to clean all weekend too. I also told him that I would rather spend that time with him, rather than sweeping floors. That won him over and I come home to a nice clean place at least 3/4 weekends a month! Good luck with your guys!!
    3202 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10795864
    Maybe simplify a bit?
    3203 days ago
    When does your busy season start emoticon
    3203 days ago
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