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Stand Tall And Walk Proud

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My boxercise instructor finishes her class with that statement every time. She has no idea the meaning it has for me. I have been taking kickboxing classes for years. She is one of the most intense instructors I have ever had. She really pushes you to the limits. Today, she got some bad news and was literally taking it out on us. She wanted to feel our energy!! She worked us incredibly HARD, with long, fast drills, difficult sets and movements and rapid transitions. It was a 75 minute class and I was having my doubts how long I would hold up and I am in decent shape!! Barely getting enough time for a sip of water, she was relentless. At the end I was really feeling my muscles, but proud that I not only kept up my intensity during the entire class, but that I was working harder then most people in the class who were half my age and had their full health. The room has mirrors and you can't help noticing who squats the lowest, who is punching the hardest, etc. I am the queen of squats and punches there. This is in spite of having severe RA, five joint replacements, and 30 some surgeries. Yes, I felt I deserved to "Stand Tall and Walk Proud".
But it wasn't easy. I have had to start over from square one, zero fitness and build myself back up so many times it would make your head spin! I have very bad insomnia and usually wake up only an hour after I fall asleep. I know its due to RA pain and the inability to find any comfortable postion to sleep in except on my back which gets sore if I stay on it too long. I struggle to get out of bed every morning hurting so much, but once I get over the 'hump' I know it will get better. I can do two or three fitness classes a day in addition to speed walking back and forth to the club.
What keeps me pushing? The feeling I get of being able to move. Of knowing what its like not to move and sit or lay around as the pain intensifies. I was in a wheelchair at one point in my life. I know what that was like and I am fighting to never go back there again. I know I am not overdoing my fitness efforts as I never have any pain that lasts from it. I feel I am able to keep going because of my very good vegetarian eating habits and regular exercise are giving me the energy to keep on in spite of a serious lack of sleep and dealing with RA and osteoporosis.
This healthy lifestyle is worth fighting for!! No matter where you have to start, whether its one little screaming painful movement, one at a time, adding slowly, one baby step at a time until it builds up, its WORTH it! YOU are worth it! Your body deserves to be treated like royalty! Treat it well and you will eventually start reaping the rewards. I feel better, stronger, more confident as I strive to be the fittest, healthiest person I can be within my limitations from my disease. I push the boundaries. I never let anyone tell me you can't do it. I see for myself what I can and can't do. I want to enjoy the wonders of life and get out there and live it and not be confined to my apartment sulking around in pain and binging my face off. I am working hard to keep going. I am working hard for my freedom from the chains of my diseases! This healthy lifestyle is the key and so I strive for it!
Never say die and never give up!! YOU are worth it!
"Stand Tall And Walk Proud" one step at a time!
When I broke my elbow Feb 1 2010 due to the osteoporosis (I did not fall, I was simply pushing a shopping cart back to the mall), I was near a vague number I considered a goal weight, 121 and so decided to enter into weight maintenance mode instead of weight loss.
I have maintained my weight in a range from 118-125 since then with the help of my Spark friends and an excellent team I joined called At Goal & Maintaining + Transition to Maintenance Team:

The inspirational, incredible members of my team and I stand tall and walk proud on this journey of healthy living together! Come join us! Plateaus are just maintenance in training!
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