Another motivational pic earned woohooo!!! i'm on a roll!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This is the motivational pic I earned yesterday during my workout at the gym. I chose this one in particular because I knew I was going to do my weekly 5k virtual race..and I knew once again I was going to try to beat my best time. But something was different that day, earlier in the week I had proven to myself that I could run an entire mile without stopping to walk at all. And also that two months ago I did set that fastest 5k time. So it was staring me in the face..my abilities to accomplish what I really wanted to achieve so badly in my running training. But also in the back of my mind that little voice in my head was telling me just how much I was good at pushing my self to do that little bit more, to strive for something just a bit better performance wise. To not only torch some calories for good but make every workout truly count for more than a work out. To truly make it an improvement. This is where the motivation kicks in...I'm not one of those people who is all happy for the entire workout. If anything I do my best when I'm pissed off or really angry about something. I'm one of those people who is motivated by rage almost. I think it may be all the broken hearted , love is bitter anthems that I seem to be really great at writing. In the middle of a hard workout nothing motivates me better than a great break up girl power anthem that seems to free you when you're screaming it and truly into the music, the lyrics and the emotions. That drives you farther and harder without you even really realizing it. It's during this kind of music that I see myself at a battle with myself..and by george I'm going to win, no question about that. I've come this far, made so many changes, and realized the true me..and even thought she's a lil lazy at times, I'm not gonna let her slip back, if anything she's gonna keep improving and getting even stronger until she's unstoppable. It's during these mental battles during my workouts that I know I can just keep holding on, keep up for 10 more min, run just that lil bit faster, I know no one gets anywhere by being easy on themselves. So I tell myself you can do a lil more, and a lil more..I take it in those little increments so that the thought of doing so much cardio and ST isn't overwhelming during my workout...Kate you had asked me how i do it..work for over 100 minutes and then hit the weights...honestly I tell myself just get through one more minute, then one more. And I won't lie when I'm done I'm drenched, gross, totally wiped out but feeling on top of the world because I know what i accomplished...and no one can take that from me ever..that is mine and mine alone, I earned that proud feeling of victory. Which brings me to attitude....yes some days I'm not as pumped as others, workouts are harder, my mental state is lost and i'm lagging. But even in these times I know my abilities, I know I can do better, I know I can push myself and never regret the awesome feeling after. But also I know a good tune on the ipod can seriously turn things around. I try to have as much fun as I can working out. I even dance a lil while singing when i'm running , at least its a bit of a dancing stride and that gets my attitude back to positive...it gets me going. I earned this pic yesterday because I went into the gym knowing what i was possible of doing, I really psyched myself up and said this is it lets make this one a new record...or try my hardest. Even though my knee hurt and I was tired I pushed harder, upped the speed on the treadmill, I was going to try my hardest to beat that time. As I got to the last mile I was so drained but my awesome music kicked in and before i knew it I was running faster than i had even in previous runs...and I beat that TIME!!! by 30 sec!!! I had done it ME...after chasing that time for months...if I hadn't have kept pushing myself and telling myself just one more minute...that time would have stood...until another day...but it didn't....And then it starts all over again...I get on the elliptical bike, knowing in my mind I'm going to do at least 60 min...but I still do the 10 min at a time, push harder for some songs...make it my own lil spin workout...and usually I make about 12 or 13 miles...not yesterday...I kept thinking, I'm gonna reach my goals, I'm going to be lean and strong and look darn hot for my birthday this year...I'm going to be the one getting the attention...so i again used my motivational arsenal and pushed it to over 14 miles...
This pic is one of the truest I believe, because only you really know yourself and what your abilities are, just how hard you can push yourself, but also you know the truly best ways to get yourself in gear and make it happen, you know how to keep yourself keepin on....and it's your attitude that can make you or break you....but you again know yourself well enough to not let that happen. You decide what you can and cannot do, no one else...you are truly the only one who can keep you motivated with the voices in your head...and it's your attitude that will bring you success or failure...and when it comes down to that, I'm choosing success because life's too short so bring on the success and celebrate it!!!
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