Another race.. Hills are so much fun

Monday, September 10, 2012

This was my 6th half of the year, and my 14th half in total. The race we picked was 2 hours out of the city, and it's called "run for the hills" it's a Very, VERY hilly course!!!

I started the preparation the day before made pancakes for breakfast for the family, and made extra for hubby and I to have pre-race for breakfast. Packed our bags, waited until parents arrived to babysit our 3 boys, and then we picked up my MIL to come with us because our daughter is still nursing and we needed someone to watch her while we ran our race.

As we get into the town, I realize... damn I forgot the pancakes! Now what are we going to have?? I am apologizing to Eddie about forgetting them... we get to our room, we discover no microwave! So we wouldn't have been able to heat them up anyway! Thankfully I was able to use the restaurant next door to heat up my daughters supper. We went to the grocery store and Eddie picked up some bagels and peanut butter for our breakfast!

Before we went to the pre -race dinner, we drove the course to take some pictures and show my Mother in law.... She couldn't believe what we had to run!!

We went to the pre-race past dinner, which is by far the best pre-race dinner, being that it's smaller event, it's all home cooked food, pasta, lasagne, vegetarian option, a gluten free option, spaghetti, a few kinds of salads, and 6 different desserts!!

The course is all on country dirt gravel road, with beautiful scenery BUT the roads are very hilly!!!

Got up at 5am... had our breakfast, drank some water, they had no coffee maker so I had to go without my one cup of coffee, sigh, I managed.

The race started at 8am... we drove briefly by some houses and then the course takes off down all the country roads, it's very scenic, a lot of farm land, cows in the fields... the smaller hills were not too bad, but there are 3 really bad hills, I took some pictures, but they really don't do any justice.

I love running beside Eddie, we are so in tune with one another, when the other person is hurting we know something is up, I asked him what was wrong, and he said he was hurting, we had 3 miles to go... he told me I could run ahead, but I chose to stay with him, and when we came to cross the finish line we grabbed each others hand, and the announcer called both our names and finished our run at 2:02!!!

As hard as the race is, it's very challenging but so worth it. Even if every leg muscle is aching today!!
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