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Formulas for Success ~My Goals for the Biggest Loser Challenge

Monday, September 10, 2012

My goals for the upcoming Biggest Loser Challenge are to regroup and embrace what has worked for me. My trainer quit the profession, but I held onto all my notes, workouts, and handouts. I have the roadmap; I have found the road that works for me. I am going back several months in my training routine and retrace the road to success. I have always felt that I have trouble blogging because I am a math teacher, I could blog better if it involved formulas. So, indulge me a bit, as I list my goals in my own understandable language. My own personal reference sheet.

Y=mx+b, equation of a line. This is my direct path to success. Measure food at each meal to stay in absolute calorie range.

(x-a)^2 + (y-b)^2 = r^2, equation of a circle. Each day will begin with a glass of water, and the circle will repeat until 10 glasses are consumed. The circle will begin each day again from one to 10.

x^2 = 4py, equation of a parabola. This is what my heart rate is going to look like as I exercise. I know I need to exercise at an increased intensity to succeed. I can put the time in, but I need to push the limit.

Y=lxl, y= absolute value x, always yields a positive solution. This represents my sparkfriends and the positive interactions I experience every day. I will offer encouragement and keep the spark alive. Arm in arm we will travel the path to better health together.

I will reward myself on a weekly basis.

This is my pledge to me. A new person, a woman with many solutions to complex problems.
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