Tough Mudder - Mid Atlantic

Monday, September 10, 2012

I am one Tough Mudder'1 Yessireebob! Hard to believe, ain't it? Me who used to weigh a $20 spot shy of 300 pounds rose to the challenge and have checked off yet another item on my bucket list! 5K, 8K, 10K, 10 miler, half Marathon, Tough Mudder ...

Team Before Race Shot

Individual Before Race Shot

These were some of the events. Our events consisted of: arctic enema (c-c-c-c-c-c-cold), dirty ballerina, kiss the mud, berlin walls, bale bonds (1st major charley horse), hold your wood, kiss your mud 2 (wetter and muddier than 1st time), trench warfare (dark and spooky), walk the plank (high ... but, not the highest I have ever jumped), log jammin, king of the mountain, electric eel (wet slithering and OUCH that was painful ZAPs), underwater tunnels (wouldn't you believe it a charley horse in both calves!), berlin walls again (when you think you've had enough they want you to hoist yourself over a 2nd set of 12 foot walls), mud mile (a muddy slipper mile with muddy trenches in the middle 10 feet deep (slid down into first trench ... and charley horses spasm'd all around me), boa constrictor (not so hard going down, but that 45 degree angle going back to the top was a killer ... my apologies go out to the guy who I am sure I stepped on his face ... the pictures do not do justice to what we came across), funky monkey (ahhhh that 3rd rung did me in ... but, I really wanted to get some of the mud off ... cooling and refreshing), twinkle toes (intimidated me a bit ... my calves were cramping and everyone just told me to jump in and get it over with ... hah made it across without a dip in the water), everest (3rd times a charm), and finally electroshock therapy (and when they mean real voltage they meant it but it was the only way to get that orange headband) ... and I got it!


But was disappointed that there was no fire, glaciers nor gauntlets!

Team After Race Shot

Individual After Race Shot

Over 10 miles, 20 obstacles, and still standing ... and we are still smiling and laughing today!

Battle Scars!

P.S. Bambi's Revenge ... would you believe that Bambi ran over one of the contestants, launching off her head? Really happened!

When you see signs that say "Deer Crossing" ... believe them because two other deer nearly ran us down shortly after Bambi let his presence known!

P.S.S. and next month ... the Marine Corps Marathon!
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