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Getting Healthy & Fit Is A Joy!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Starting The Week With A emoticon On My Face!

I'm Filled With Joy That I Make The Effort To Workout And Eat Nutritiously. I Couldn't Do Either Of These Without God's Help. Truly He's A PRESENT In My Life! emoticon

I Make No Excuses When It's Time to Workout~I Just Do It! emoticon

What Motivates Me? Well...When I'm Moving Around Rather Dancing, Walking Or Kickboxing And My Workout Clothing Begin To Sag Really Low, I Keep It Up Because I'm Not Where I Want To Be But I'm So Proud I'm Not Where I Used To Be! emoticon

I Also Make My Workouts Fun And I Do Sets or Blocks of Cardio And Strength Training.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

When You Feel Like You're Having A Party During An Intense Workout And You're Still Smiling I'd Say It's Definitely Part of My Life That I Will NEVER Let Go! emoticon

Of Course, I've Had Times When Working Out Was A Chore, Tears Ran With The Sweat And I Wondered Why Was I Doing All of This. Then I Saw The Bigger Picture. emoticon

It's More Than Losing Weight. It's Creating A New Me Spirit, Soul And Body! It's Getting My Natural Life In Line With What God Has Called Me To And To Remove Any Hindrances That Have Been In My Way. emoticon

If You're Having Problems Getting Your Workout In And You Don't Have Any Health Issues That Is Halting Your Progress, A Few Suggestions:
1. Start Slow. Warm Up(Not Stretching) By Doing A Slower Walk Or Jogging Instead of Running. Walk. March In Place.

2. Don't Think You Have To Do A 60 Minute Workout Every Day. Less With A Bit More Intensity Works. 30 Minutes Cardio Most Days Of The Week Is The Suggestion And Rest Days Too. For Strength Training It Is Suggested That We Work Each Muscle Group Several Times Per Week With Rest A Day Or Two Between Working Out The Same Muscles.

3. If Anything You Do Make You Feel VERY Uncomfortable or Extremely Painful You May Be Performing It Improperly So STOP! (There Will Be A Little Pain When You First Start Working Out And When You Put In A Lot of Time And Intensity.)

4. Workout With A Buddy. This Is Not My Favorite But Sometimes Having Someone For Moral Support Will Motivate You To Get Out There With That Person.
5. If You Fail One Day, Just Take A Deep Breath And Start All Over Again. emoticon

SparkPeople Fitness Videos Are GREAT To Use In A Sensible Workout Plan. I Utilize Them Daily. And Now You Can Get 6 Points Per Day(2 Videos) emoticon

Also There Are Demos Of The Strength Training Moves That You Can Watch To See The Proper Way To Perform Them. Plus Many Articles To Help You Understand Even More, So Utilize ALL The Tools On Spark You Need For A Successful Journey. emoticon

Well I Started Out Rejoicing Over My Fitness Triumphs Then I Went Another Route. Maybe Someone Needed To Hear It But There's More Than What I Shared. Exercising Is Very Important, But I Don't Want You Injuring Yourself Trying To Workout Too Intense When You May Not Be Ready. Or Performing Moves Improperly That You Sprain Or Strain A Muscle. emoticon Get Informed and Be Safe!

My Typical Workout Week Is Like This:
M: Cardio Dance Such As Zumba 35mins, Lower Body Strength Videos 30mins Total
T: Cardio Such As Kickboxing Or Walk Total 50 mins and Upper Body Videos 30 mins
W: Zumba 50 Mins
T: Cardio Dance To Old School 35mins, Lower Body And Core 30 Mins
F: Zumba or Cardio Dance 60 Mins
S: Cardio 40+mins and Upper Body Strength Videos 30 mins
S: 10 Min Cardio Kickboxing and It's My Rest Day.
I Do Change Up By Adding Walking Thus Increasing My Minutes Or Extend My Dance Sessions. Depends On How Much Fun I'm Having. Now Zumba Is Different Than My Playlist. But It's A GREAT Wet Workout! emoticon

Ok...I've Shared More Of My Plan Than I've Ever In A Blog. But That's What A Blog Is For. Of Course, I Always Have Room For Change. And Most Days I Do. I'm Really Enjoying Those Spark Videos And There Are So Many That It Would Be Very Hard To Get Bored. emoticon

If You Were Brave Enough To Read All Of This Impromptu Blog emoticon emoticon I Truly Appreciate Your Time!
Have A Wonderful Week! Do What YOU Can! NO PRESSURE! emoticon
Holla@Jesus! emoticon
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