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Hurray! I found my motivation to lose weight again!

Monday, September 10, 2012

It has been a while since I really wanted to lose weight. I think it happened when I got down to my 10 pound weight loss mark. I was so excited. But then I found that those last 5 pounds came back almost like I'd never lost them at all. What happened? I'm not sure, but I couldn't seem to find the gumption to get back on that horse and ride again.

Well, tonight a funny picture of knees that is the icon for a Spark Team called "The Knees" changed all that for me. Suddenly I remembered that there really were some good reasons for me to lose weight. For one thing, I quit running because my knees hurt. I don't know if losing weight will fix that because it has been a problem I have had for a long time--about age 8. My knees have bothered me ever since I had rheumatic fever as a child. Still, maybe loosing weight will help them be less easily aggravated. It can't hurt. I know weight loss is one thing that they tell you to do to help your knees. Then all of the sudden, I remembered that there were other reasons too. Here's my list:

Keep my knees from hurting
Feel better
Be less tired
Reach a safe BMI and beyond
Lower my triglycerides
Fit into size 12
Surprise my daughters

Even though I'm don't think I'm exactly earning gold stars for attitude yet, doing Spark Coach is also contributing to this, I'm sure. I have had 2 days where I had pretty low calorie counts. That makes me believe I can do it.

This time I am going to do it a bit differently though. I am only going 5 pounds at a time. Ultimately, my goal is still around 145, but I just want to be able to feel a bit more success a long the way. So I'm going for 5 pounds a time so I felt like I've succeeded, then I'll add five more instead of seeing my little ticker racer have such a long haul ahead of her all the time.
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