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Today I am deeply appreciative of the impact my beautiful son made on his wondrous friends!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Ahhhh OUR Josh...the absolute apple of his father and my eyes! What a blessing this beautiful young man was in our world. And it just warms my heart in the VERY best way when I hear from his friends who still tell me to this very day SIX long years later...that they miss him, love him and carry his inspiration and light in their hearts inspiring them in their creative endeavors forward.

NO one knows how this small expression of love touches a mother's torn heart...to know that a friend is still missing Josh and takes the time out of their insanely busy world to drop a note expressing their loss too.

I'm not on Facebook all that much...I have all I can handle staying on top of my spark world..but the hubs is so very diligent and attentive to Josh's many, many friends. He always tells me when someone needs a Bobbi gram and I love helping Josh's friends as much as I love helping my own. I see all of Josher's dreams and ambitions coming through in celebrating his dear friends achievements. The milestone of getting married, having their first child, getting recognized in a big way for their impressive talents. Those kids shine through and make me just as happy as if I were celebrating the recognition for our very own Josh. I can say that because I rest in full assurance that he sees these wonderful happenings just as clearly with his angel eyes as I do through my human eyes.

So today when his dear friend Ali sent a message saying how excited she is in celebrating her boyfriends film making and how happy she is to go along with him and observe his shoots she feels that Josh is along for the ride and is very much present right along with her...sharing in every moment of her new adventure. I know its true.

I tell her that when she is thinking of Josh...it's because Josh is thinking of her and he is congratulating her and encouraging her to pursue her own beautiful ambitions in every way!

When Josh's good friend named his first baby boy after Josh's middle name Gavin..it just made me bustin' me buttons proud. When another close friend tells me that he uses Josh's name as his password on his computer so that he will start with a thought of Josh every single morning I smile. I know Josh is still very much a presence in his dear friend's lives..they won't ever forget him and the impact he made on them...and he'll never forget them and stop working behind the scenes in the big hereafter to help bolster and support their goals..he just isn't a quitter...and his heart is just as big now as it was when he walked amongst us! Viva Josh! My beautiful son!

Just think of all the people in the world that you touch each and every day. Sometimes knowingly and with full intent...and sometimes..and I think even MORE special..in an unknowing way...just because you ARE who you are! Pretty thrilling when you think about it isn't it?

Soooo...I'm happy to report that we had a HUGE group get together for our weekly dine out gathering last night and not ONE moment of political drama. A HUGE success for a party of 18...and we went Mexican..so...the tequila was free flowing. Now that TRIPLES the success rate,,,we ALL deserve a big fat GOLD star!

Only one bit of drama..for this past week...that being one of my girlfriends that went the permanent eyebrow route with a pretty horrific outcome!

You KNOW it's bad when you won't come out for dinner with the group...it's got to be REALLY rotten! emoticon

Being the supportive girlfriend that I am...I called her from the restaurant and told her that we missed her and her hubs and to ask her when she wanted to make plans with the girls to go out to celebrate her birthday. We have a long standing ritual of getting everyone together to celebrate birthdays at PF Changs. It's good fun and another handy excuse for getting together..doesn't take much..sometimes we celebrate the survival of a hurricane, bad mosquito seasons, and we've even been known to celebrate harvest moons...like I said..doesn't take much to find an excuse to join in community. emoticon

As much as I gripe and moan..this group is really FAMILY..every last dysfunctional one of them. Me...I'm the perfect one. Okay...I'll sell you the Brooklyn bridge tomorrow! emoticon

So about my friend...she told me that she was SICK...literally SICK with the way her permanent eyebrow make up turned out. She said it looked like she had two magenta caterpillers crawling across her face! Now THAT got my attention...I'm VERY visual you know.. and...although she can be somewhat of a drama queen I really felt for her if this was even VAGUELY possible!

She said "YOU have to come over tomorrow morning and see these for yourself! So you know I haven't exaggerated this world ENDING tragedy. Told ya she can be dramatic! emoticon

So being the dutiful friend that I am...I armed myself with a fine bottle of Chandon champagne...because as you know EVERYTHING is gonna be okay with a bottle of champagne..even tattooed eyebrow debacles! Right?

So I practiced my..."they look fine speech..and you KNOW they will fade some"... on the way over...and took along a funny birthday card to distract her.

I pull into the driveway and she's out working in the yard...I walk toward her and from about 20 feet away I'm thinking..okay..there she goes again..they look okay..and this is just a big bru ha ha over nothing and I'm sorry that I wasted a perfectly good bottle of Chandon when I could have saved it for some dire tragedy of my own to enjoy. emoticon

BUT...as I walk closer and closer...my earlier speech fell completely by the wayside and the only thing that came out of my mouth...was "HOLY S***BALLS!" emoticon

It was SO bad I couldn't muzzle my mouth before the truth blurted out ...in the aggravating 'truth by Bobbi'... manner I seem to have.

"Aha...she shouted...I KNEW you would tell me the truth..even when no one else would!"

This isn't exactly a statement that made me feel good..."well..I chocked out...they really AREN'T magenta...they are more of a maroon color. Nope...not exactly what I wanted to say either! emoticon

Okay I say...I hope you didn't PAY her for this DID you? Yes she did! I tell her to call her up and tell her that you MUST have your money back and PRONTO so that you can spend it again getting emergency AID for her amateur hour fiasco. I mean REALLY how could ANYONE accept payment for this?

Bless her little soul...I do know the color will fade...eventually. And I DO know that a true professional will be able to fix these snaggly caterpiller's that look like smeared on maroon lipstick. She's a redhead..so I guess....they were going for some shade in that color spectrum...and MISSED it badly! I was and still AM...terribly upset for her and I'm not even a fu...fu girl.

Okay...a little fu~fu..but now I'm giving serious reconsideration to my own permanent eyebrow and eyeliner application. We've had a few of the girls in our group who have okay results, some have had a little better results and only one that has had FAB results...she was the one I was going to use...but then..this one MAJOR calamity shakes my faith in anyone welding a tattoo machine.

I wanted to take a picture so I could show you just how REALLY bad they turned out...because you KNOW how I love pics to highlight my story telling...but I really couldn't think of a good way to ask...and I was afraid she might just throw the perfectly expensive GOOD bottle of champagne at me with such a DUMB request. "Ur...would you mind if I just take a quick eyebrow shot to post on "Eyebrows gone WRONG?" It's purely for informational content only, your name will NOT be used! Not funny...I know...well mildly humorous..she'd probably ask if it were me with the same dilemma.

Lesson learned...when a facialist tells you that 'eyebrows are their SPECIALITY'...be afraid...be very, VERY afraid!

Other than that...I had a pretty stellar day of clean eats and exercise! Carry on! emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I don't know if you remember me. But I posted on your blog a while ago about my brother committing suicide at the age of 24. Your story above brought sobbing tears to my eyes. After reading about your story of Josh this time, I felt like his presence was surrounding me telling me that my brother, John, was watching over me and that everything was good and okay.
    emoticon emoticon
    Of course, your story about the eyebrows was a emoticon .
    I would never get any permanent tattoos on my body ever just for that reason.
    2067 days ago
    Josh has an amazing Mother. Any woman who can celebrate her sons life and passing with such generosity and kindness to his friends and then tell such a hilarious eyebrow tale (pun almost intended) is truly amazing. thanks so much for sharing. you are a hoot!
    2073 days ago
    Oh Bobbi, you're too much. I went from thinking warm thoughts about your son to side-splitting laughter over your description of your friend's caterpillar eyebrows. Thanks, I needed that! emoticon
    2076 days ago
    I would rather a friend tell me the truth but I think asking for a picture would be just a tiny bit much.
    Love your tributes to Josh.

    2076 days ago
    What a nice tribute to Josh! What a beautiful angel and that his friends think of him always is awesome. I agree it does warm a mothers heart to know our sons will not be forgotten. I think there are about 7 of his friends that have tattoos in memory of Justin. And someone always posts something every couple of days on his fb page.
    And i agree we sometimes dont often know how we touch others lives. You sure have touched mine and helped along this uncharted path of Grief. I have to chuckle at your description of your friends eyebrows. i feel for her and hope it fades some. At least with my tattoos i know the work the guy does and it sure is excellent . I dont think i would ever get the makeup tattoo. it doesnt take me that long to put it on. Good work on the eats and workouts. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2077 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    You have no idea how much I want to see a photo of those eyebrows....
    2077 days ago
    What a sweet tribute to Josh. That is so great that ou guys still keep up with his friends as well.

    Love the party and taquila talk and the girlfriend with her eyebrows was hilarious! My two sisters and I were talking about tattoos one day and they each chimeed in that they had tattoos and I was floored! One got the eyebrows for her birthday and the other had the eyeliner done. I am such a natural girl that I rarely ever wear makeup. I used to when living down south but up North who cares! Natural is the only way to go! I haven't seen my sisters in 18 years + so I cannot imagine how this really looks.
    Only problem is when you only wear it once every two years that it is hard to remember where it is and how to apply it. LOL

    Great blog!
    2079 days ago
    You know Josh is always smiling down on you, Bobbi! As well as his friends.
    So sorry about your friends eye brow goof up! But seriously, is sit really such a hardship putting on make-up that a person would feel that's a necessity? Sorry, I just don't get it. I like having options, and this pretty much eliminates any of that! I'd like to see her have it undone and go back to doing it herself. God gave us eyebrows for a reason. I don't know what it is, but for me, I"m fine with the standard equipment and I can embellish it or not as the circumstances may dictate at any given time. I hope she at least gets her money back!! But I bet she won't try. It would be maybe like admitting defeat. Poor thing.
    Good for you with the clean eats and exercise! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2079 days ago
    Another thank you for the tribute to Josh. He was gorgeous.

    I too was laughing about the poor eyebrows. the color is partly from the trauma to the skin from the tattoo process, so time will tell, but it's a shame... poor dear. Give me a pencil any day.
    2079 days ago
    Josh was amazing! And you will see him again! Believe that.

    As for the tattooed eyebrows - LMASOHMSFOAIDMT!!! (Laughing my a$$ off so hard my sombero fell off and I dropped my taco!!!)

    2080 days ago
    Your son had some special friends..... he was really blessed.
    I loved the eyebrow story, Wish I could see them. I have only seen one person with tattooed brows before and I was horrified..
    Please keep us updated on how she gets them fixed. emoticon
    2080 days ago
    Your son had some special friends..... he was really blessed.
    I loved the eyebrow story, Wish I could see them. I have only seen one person with tattooed brows before and I was horrified..
    Please keep us updated on how she gets them fixed. emoticon
    2080 days ago
    Sorry these things sometimes blow up but you are a good friend to help her thru it.
    2080 days ago
    Definitely re-thinking my consideration of permanent eyebrows. Although mine are disappearing from the outside in. I keep hearing this is a sign of low thyroid, and would LOVE it if that's the reason for my permanent weight plateau, but bloodwork shows it's normal, darn it.

    Back to your friend. Please don't tell her that I laughed uproariously at your reaction. Poor woman, she should definitely get her money back. Why in the world would anyone use that color?
    2080 days ago
    sorry for your GF but glad you could help her through it and be supportive of what she needs to do.
    2080 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2080 days ago
    Thank for sharing the tribute about Josh, I so appreciate it. Now about those eyebrows - Whoa!! You are good friend and I do hope she got her money back.
    2080 days ago
    Blessings to Josh!!

    Wendy emoticon
    2080 days ago
    Keep Josh close in your heart and soul. He truly loves
    his mama and wants her to be happy.
    I am sure your friend will find a way to undo what
    was done. Sorry she had to go through that but
    these things do happen.
    2080 days ago
    What a beautiful young man he was! I have seen some really nice permanent eyebrows. Your poor friend!
    2081 days ago
    I see where your Son got his abitility to brighten up the world...from his Mama. I feel horrible for your friend!!!!
    2081 days ago
    I love 7 miss how you write! WOW! What a GREAT friend you are!

    YOU do brighten the world around you, you know?!? Thanks for sharing! I've missed you!
    Love & Sparkles,
    PS.... I miss "him" Kelly, too!
    2081 days ago
    OMG... what a horrible thing to have happen. At least with a bad haircut it will grow out but a tatoo? I feel for her that is for sure.
    2081 days ago
    wow!! they must have been REALLY bad!
    2081 days ago
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