When two men get together, one woman will get fat

Sunday, September 09, 2012

I don't think Josh and Lee understand that stacking donuts and cookies up on top of the fridge do not help the main cook in the family lose weight. I do not think candy really needs to go in the fruit drawer. I have to go on an expedition to the back of the freezer to find my frozen chicken and other healthy food that has been smooshed by pizza boxes, ben and Jerry ice cream, and burritos. When they say they're going to cook dinner, I'm either limited to one brautwurst or a half bowl of chili because there wasn't enough room for my chicken, they forgot to pick up the chicken, or "You're not going to eat the chili? We spent hours on that." Ummm excuse me, I spent hours on most of the dinners in this house and you both still eat around the freggies.
I've talked with Josh about it and he's great when Lee (our roomate) isn't in the house. But as soon as you have them both in the same room for over an hour they're going for a cookie run or Lee wants to try a new recipe or "we need more meat in our diet" and "Do you want some?" And Lee is a diabetic so one box of donuts lasts him about a week so why does he need more?
There's going to be a new phrase in this house. It's going to be "Hell hath no fury like a woman whos husband just brought home more cookies."
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    Love how you ended this. Maybe make a big poster to hang on the fridge with that motto and some sort of picture that would catch attention.
    2623 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    You could do all of the shopping for the food in the house. That would put a stop to a lot of it. The room mate needs to take his health more seriously too. Try talking to them. Get them interested in SparkPeople with you. Good Luck. God Bless Everyone. Have a Wonderful Week. Try taking walks together too. Stand Firm. You Can Do It. We are here for you.
    2624 days ago
    Very funny blog. And I think very typical. You ARE NOT ALONE!!

    Could I suggest sitting them down with a menu planner. Require them to plan the meals for the day, meeting the requirements for 7 fruits and veggies, 3 whole grains, 2 dairy, 2 protein, 25 g. of fiber, 25 units of iron, or whatever you hold near and dear to your health as important.

    For myself, I put my requirements down the side of the page with check boxes so I am sure I've put in everything I should. If I still have requirements, they go in to a meal or snack before I add the "extras" like cookies and donuts.

    They both sound old enough to learn their way through this, especially if given some type of organizer. You could even sit them down with the SP Nutrition tracker. emoticon
    2624 days ago
    I am a reformed "food enabler"....so I am guilty of some of this. Now, since I am the one needing to lose weight, my food habits depend on ignoring these things....but I am not always successful. Good Luck to you!
    2624 days ago
    sigh.....they probably won't change which means--you have to....
    2624 days ago
  • DONNA5281

    They both need a talking to. Tell them both that they need to put it where you won't find it, besides your husband shouldn't be eating all of that stuff.
    He should be eating what you have.
    They both probably both need to exercise. Give them both a swift kick in the butt!!

    2624 days ago
    He needs a huge talking to! I think I would have kicked him in the rear. As far as the roommate I would tell him to keep his treats in. His room out of respect to you....or he just needs a swift kick too.......want me to come help straighten them out?
    2624 days ago
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