Goals Update Week 3

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Hi Everyone, I just finished week 3 of keeping track of my goals for this first 21 days. It went by so fast, I can't believe it has been over 21 days already. I don't think I am ready to set new goals but listening to myself has not worked for me in the past. So I am going to challenge myself and set some new goals. I did not do so well this past week with the goals I have now but that is not going to keep me from making progress. I can do this, I know I can. Well here is the results of this past week.

My Goals:
1. Walk 10 mins a day
2. Put make-up on 5 days out of the week
3. comb my hair everyday
4. Call a friend 3 times a week
5. Make to-do lists before bed every night
6. Do a work out video 1 time a week
7. Log onto SparkPeople daily
8. Write a Blog entry 3 times a week
9. Play with and cuddle my dogs 10-15 mins a day
10. Be a Happy Mommy

My Progress the past week

1. Walked 4 times
2. Make-up 5 times
3. Hair Everyday
4. Called 1 friend
5. Made 5 to -do lists
6. Zero workout videos
7. logged onto spark people everyday
8. Wrote 3 blogs
9. Played with my dogs everyday
10. Enjoyed special moments with my baby boy everyday

I didn't do so well this week but I had some obstacles. I can not focus on that so what I was successful at was putting make-up on 5 days out of the week and it made a difference on how I felt about myself and made it easier to get out of the house without feeling like crap. I did my hair everyday which sometimes I had to do twice a day with all the moving around and taking care of Greyson. I am in the habit of logging onto SP with no problem and it is encouraging to take time to think about health. I blogged 3 times which was hard some nights but it is a good outlet to get my thoughts together. I loved making time to spend with my dogs and I know they loved it too. The best part was purposely taking time to enjoy my baby boy. I would put the phone away and pretend there was no one else but us and nothing to do but play with Greyson. These goals made me aware of my actions and I can't wait to see what other changes I can make in my life.

Well thanks for reading and my apologies for the long blog. I hope you all have a great week ahead and focus on the positive.

Rachel emoticon
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