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Friday, September 07, 2012

Okay, I was going to do a post on whether or not I should take part in National Novel Writing Month this year but looks like I've already made that decision. So, next is which novel to write. I need to narrow down my ideas to 1-3 of them for the October Prep Challenge I take part in on Writing.com. Last year, I worked on three during the prep and used one of them during NaNoWriMo and wrote another that I hadn't prepared at all.

This year I have a list of 10 ideas to pick from and they are almost all fantasy stories. I must say, I'm surprised I have so many stand-alone ideas on this list. Though that may change. The YA I worked on last year was a stand-alone. I haven't even finished the first draft yet and it has a sequel planned now.

1. Wood Fae MC story. - However, I prepped this novel last year for the challenge, so I probably won't do it. But it's an option as I still need to write the novel at some point. And I need to finish worldbuilding it. (fantasy) stand-alone

2. Octave's Story - This is a science fiction one that i guess in a little way reminds me of the Matrix in that there is a system to fight against. But none of the "one" nonsense. Groups are chosen to take part in displayed rebellions, and each group has an Other (non-human) but they don't know till after training who the other is on their ship. Octave is an other, and he ends up in the rebellion because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He never intended to rebel but when faced with that or death (and the death of a child) he chose to fight. (sci-fi) stand-alone

3. Red - A tale based in part on red riding hood, though the one under the hood is a boy. The part about going to grannies house however is just the start. The wolf is actually a man who uses the grandma to get Red to join him on a plan to change the realm he lives in (not the same one Red was raised in however). He had been looking for an adult but Red's father is no longer alive and he never had the abilities. The riding hood was passed down to Red from his grandfather. (fantasy) stand-alone

4. Djinn - Magic type character, not sure if he relates enough to qualify as a djinn but working on the details. He is under threat constantly, always on the run because as long as he'd on his own he's viewed as a danger to society. Only those that are claimed by Masters are left alone. His bf is a djinn too and has a Master. He gets tricked into getting a Master too and hates it. But his Master offers him something, a challenge and the prize is his freedom. (fantasy) stand-alone

5. Aeon/Xan - This is one of those, character doesn't know they are royalty types. Aeon is a mage student who has never had a stable home, doesn't know his parents or even his real name. One year he met Xan and after a fight asked him to protect him but had no idea how much of an impact he made on Xan, who later becomes his warder. Something also affects his memory (need to decide what) so he no longer remembers Xan and may never pass the mage test because it requires memorizing spells. Both him and Xan have wild magic, which is deemed inferior. I started writing this in first person in a notebook, but it was horrible. Recently I wrote a part of the story from Xan's POV and it has deepened the story. (fantasy) series

6. Rebellion - has similarities to #2 as came up in the same month. Though this one could be sci-fi or fantasy. MC goes to a city that is under the control of a larger organization and struggling to survive. He helps encourage them to rebel, joining in the fight. But he fails to tell the one he gets close to that he's actually a slave. That his own home was far worse than what they experience and he was sold by his brother. He doesn't even have a real name, just one some tribe gave to him on his journeys. (fantasy or sci-fi) stand-alone

7. Blood Prophesy - This one I'm always hesitant with because they do in some ways have similarities to vampires. Not human, can feed on humans but also on each other. They feed on the energy of humans though it's not as satisfying as actually eating them. Most live on a different realm, however, and have been blocked from invading the human world but the lines are weak and a war is brewing. Female MC (only one this year on list) is one of them, and she is seeking the Prophet, who she was instructed to kill because that would stop the war because the prophet could be used by someone else to break the barrier entirely. But she doesn't know it's a lie. (fantasy/paranormal/ish) series

8. Snow White - Male version of Snow White, to a degree. The women are the ones who usually take over the crown because they have magic in the family line. However, Snow is the only child the king and queen had. His powers haven't been discovered yet. Even though his servant still believes in him, he knows many doubt his ability to reign as the realm starts to decay. He leaves the castle in order to travel the land and find a way to be of use. (fantasy) stand-alone

9. Witch story - MC is a male witch, but his parents struggle to accept that he's gay. He joins the military to get his father's approval and is away fighting in a war when disaster strikes the world. Both him and his boyfriend are in the war when it happens but the war gets forgotten due to bigger problems. They end up having to leave to try and head home, fighting through natural disasters and strange attacks. It's a struggle to survive and he must find the source of the disasters. (fantasy) stand-alone

10. Another magic slave type - This one is based a little off the anime, Black Butler, in that it helped inspire the idea but the premise isn't similar. MC is a magic weilder, almost an adult and managing on his own. He is strong and capable, not worried about getting an owner because he's deemed a lesser since has no formal training. However, he saves a younger boy (mid teens) who had been taken to be sold in slavery, not knowing he was a rich kid. When the boy goes to thank him, the bond is made and he becomes owned by the boy. He struggles in the new world that he is forced into and must protect his Master who has made many enemies. (fantasy) stand-alone
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