What motivational Pic I earned today....

Friday, September 07, 2012

I feel I earned this pic today because for some reason I kept putting off any kind of exercise today. I was procrastinating so very bad, any excuse I could think of I tried to use it but in the back of my mind I knew better. It really became a mind over matter issue, and would I really let matter win after all I've worked for?? Heck NO!!
I really had to drag myself into my workout room, I had to "lie" to myself and just make a deal that I would just put in my 10 min minimum for the day to keep my streak up.
I then decided to try a little test, after training for the 5k for 5 weeks now I was curious if I could run a mile nonstop without having to break to walk or pause for a lil rest. I told myself if this was the only thing I was going to do today I was going to strive for this!
Just like I knew I could get off my lazy butt and shut out the voices with the excuses in my head and get my exercise in, I even knew I could achieve this mile run goal I wanted to strive for. I could have so easily just told myself oh, I can have a day off I worked hard yesterday...as the pic says it's not CAN YOU, BUT WILL YOU? I knew deep inside I could and over all I decided that I would stop procrastinating and put in the work that would only get me closer to my goals. I would get in some cardio and not let the lazies over take me.
So then it came down to will I try to run that mile nonstop? Yes I did, and not only was it so incredibly hard I ran the fastest mile I've ran since I've started training for the 5k. I knew i could do it, really i did, but my mind and body just kept telling myself take it easier on yourself. Every min of that run was torture..I didn't want to be there at all, I found myself upping the speed just to get it over with. My body hurt, my energy was nil despite eating well for the day, I honestly don't know how I defeated those negative voices in my head. I just kept telling myself I will run this mile. I can do it and I Will, what real reason do I have not to? I really didn't have anything so much more important to do instead.
After i finished the mile run as tired as i was and dripping wet and gasping, I told myself well, I'm here I will not just quit but instead hop on the stationary bike and log some more time. Still one of he hardest workouts I've ever done, and no where near my best. But I was putting in some effort, some work to get me closer to my goals. Even a smaller step is a step forward.
After logging 18 minutes on the bike I felt a little better about myself and told my self well i'm supposed to cross train on my days off from my 5k program...So then without giving my mind the chance to try to talk me out of it, I jumped on the elliptical machine and finished up on there, again a hard struggle every minute having to keep myself I will do this, I will get closer to what I want to achieve, not even the voices in my head can stop me. I got in another 11 minutes there and dropped 100 more calories.
So for a day where it seemed to be the hardest workout in my life and so difficult to get moving I at least did 30 min of cross train cardio for my running routine day off, I had made that deal that I would at least do that.
Normally I can push myself so hard and really log the minutes and the calories, but I knew today was a different kind of day for me. It was a day i would normally just blow off since i knew It's all or nothing with me...but I prevailed..instead of slacking and saying I'm doing good I can take a break, I said I will do something, I will run that mile no matter how hard and how long that 13 minutes seemed, I will get in some bike time just because I'm here and can. And I will truly make it a cross training session by just adding some time on the elliptical. So no I didn't burn over 1000 calories today, I didn't put in over 100 minutes of exercise. But i did do something to get me closer to success. I did about 40 min, 40 min more to add to my total and help me realize every little bit counts not just the marathon workouts. I burned a bit over 300 calories..but even though it was the hardest 300 to kiss goodbye, I knew all hard work pays off in the end. Of course everyone can do just about everything they really want to, but the difference between success is WILL YOU DO WHAT YOU CAN?? Will you choose what's truly better for you even if it's incredibly hard during and dreadful while thinking how much you want to stop every few seconds...and say I've done enough....Well from a quote from Clint Eastwood from Million Dollar Baby "tough ain't enough girly!"
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