Back at 260

Thursday, September 06, 2012

I don't mean to whine and I only have myself to blame but DANG!
I do good..I do good...I do good.. BAM
Why do I continue to let food control me? I am only 14 LBS away from my highest weight. And I promised; no I swore to myself that I wouldnt let it happen again. Not let myself get there and feel like I did when I was there ever again. But here I am. Last week I was in the 250's and celebrating that I could put the 260's in a vault and lock it. Were the ribs,chips and sausage McMuffins worth it? No, not now but at the moment It was all I focused on. The instant gratification. Now I weigh 260LBS. Over 100 extra LBS of squishy flabby instant gratification.
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    I know exactly how you feel. Last year I was on my way down. then problems at work. then I decided to retire and nurture myself. Well, the scale kept climbing. It is now 8 months later. This summer I started to eat lots of vegetables. I would love a big juicy hamburger. I did get off 15 lbs. So it is possible.

    Never give up! Focus on your behaviors, not on the scale. I cannot resist things when they are in front of me.

    Find lots of nice-non-food-ways to treat yourself. I wish you the best. chris emoticon
    2968 days ago
    When you figure out the answer to your question will you let me know, please.

    I have been fighting weight all my life and I bet if I had kept tract I have lost over a thousand pounds....true! But the trouble is I also find them again. Could be a dish of ice cream here a peanut butter sandwich there. I am bound and determined to make it this time. From my highest ever I have lost 50 pounds. Trouble is right now I am on a plateau. Been here for about a year. The biggest problem is I have a long "weigh" to go yet.

    What I have noticed since I have started again is that we can do it. We can have our ribs and goodies if we don't have them all on the same weekend and we have just a little bit of them. Enough to satisfy our taste buds. And I have noticed the more of the yummy stuff I eat, the more of it I want. So just remember to eat in moderation and not all of it on the same day.

    Hang in there and it will happen.
    2969 days ago
  • JEN2009
    I know it's frustrating to go above your 'never again!' weight--a couple of years ago I was in "onederland", now I weigh over 220, again. We'll do it this time. I've come to understand that my weight has nothing to do with my career and that my husband, bless him, hasn't noticed the 50+ pounds I've put on since meeting him--we will lose weight this time, for good, because we understand that we are losing weight for the sake of losing weight and being healthier--not because being thinner will somehow make us happier/wealthier/sexier/etc. If your desire for instant gratification is driven by frustration, stress, or whatever, and you don't have anyone to vent to or you're worried they're tired of listening, feel free to vent to me--I won't have heard it before, I've never met you, and I won't spread your stress/insecurities to everyone you know, we live in different time zones and don't know the same people. You will get through this, just as I will move past my latest set back (too much bread, olive oil, and wine eaten because of family issues). Best of luck, J.
    2969 days ago
    It is hard to break old habits. Really really hard or this site would be empty. It is important to shake it off and proceed with business as usual. I know how disappointing it is (boy, do I know!) but in the end we need to learn to forgive ourselves and keep making the healthy choices.

    Celebrate your small victories like what you have for dinner. emoticon
    2969 days ago
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