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Back in the Saddle

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Okay so it's been a rough August. I'm not going into all of the details, 1) it would take a lot of time. 2) I'd rather focus on what I'm doing about it.

Okay so August had me really ill with allergies and I got depressed, I had some friendship issues, some homesickness issues, and my apartment fell way behind in the cleanliness department to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. So yeah August was rough and I stopped going to the gym and tracking and planning and overall I lost site of not just my health, but myself on some level. So I went home for a friends wedding and I've come home with some new resolve. So here's what I'm doing about it. I am refocusing on logging on daily. I'm not tracking yet, cause I'm not planning and I'm just going to beat myself up about not meeting my goals. I'm going into hiding this weekend and cleaning my apartment, re-arranging my furniture and deep cleaning to get my house in order. Then I'm sitting down and starting with fresh groceries, fresh recipes, and picking up where I left off without being mean to myself about it, just accepting that life got the best of me for awhile, and now I'm back to getting the best of life. I also made a doctor appointment. I have PCOS and it hasn't been treated in awhile. I'm insulin resistant and I struggle accepting it sometimes. I was trying to do it without medication and I need to accept my medical issues and as much as it angers me and saddens me and frightens me, I need to face the harsh reality.

Yep, August was rough, I had some good times, lost some focus, but that doesn't mean I can't bounce back in September and lose some weight by Christmas!
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